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A ward of the state is a character who does not have parents. When they come into the game they will be able to select their region but they will not be able to thrive any genetic information from there parents. Instead you will be selecting from basic tribe options that are available in the region you select.[1]

A Ward sacrifices the financial and social support system which comes with a family, in exchange for additional character customization and more flexibility. Wards are able to select any Gender and have a point distribution system they can use to set their starting skill values and character attributes. Beyond that, Wards begin at age 12 rather than age 15 and so have an additional twenty-one days of adolescence in which they can further customize their character's skills and abilities. This does not mean those who are wards have 55 weeks of playtime compared to everyone else's 52. From age 12 to 18 is adolescence where skills and attributes develop more quickly, thus wards have 3 Elyrian years more time of that increased development.

In exchange for the increased flexibility they lose more than just the social and financial support of their families. Wards have no right of inheritance, no ties to help bind them to the world if they Spirit Walk, and lack any close, telepathic bonds that would allow them to communicate with a family member remotely. In truth, Wards lead a lonelier and more isolated life in the beginning. Of course, they can always earn fame, recognition, and noble titles for themselves and even begin their own dynasty![2]

Wards of the state have surnames as well. A ward's surname is based on the orphanage the ward comes from.

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