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The Virtori are one of the five major religions of Elyria, practiced primarily by the Neran and Hrothi tribes.[1] Virtori teaching is centered around the existence of powerful Gods and their Guardians, representing the 7 virtues and 7 vices. They believe that there was a War Between the Virtues and Vices, with Mann-kind being caught in the middle and ultimately sealing away the Vices and Virtues to protect Elyria from the Gods.[2] The Virtori believe that this sealing split the world into Elyria, Haven (the place of Virtue), and Karcion (the place of Vice). The Virtori believe that individuals are pawns that are manipulated by much higher powers[3]

It has been stated that the Virtori are "paladins and clerics."[2] In Virtori lore, the Nerans and the Hrothi are considered to be the Sword and Shield of the Virtues, respectively, and are often depicted as such in religious artwork.[1]

The Virtues and Vices[ | ]

Below is a list of the Virtues and Vices of the Virtorian faith with their associated Elyrian names. The exact names, virtues and vices are still subject to change.

Name[4] Virtue Name Vice[5]
Asiduuryn Diligence Sloth
Modestos Temperance Gluttony
Harbos Charity Greed
Iustus Justice Injustice
Pacyen Patience Envy
Kedryn Kindness Wrath
Pudoros Chastity Lust

Religious Purpose[ | ]

The Virtori live in the moment as representations of their faith, and have no greater feeling of purpose compared to other religions.[3]

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