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A Pre-Expo item that can be purchased in the merchandise store that represents a players commitment to a settlement. By contributing a token to another player, you're investing in their organization in the same way you would when the game was live by contributing your time to the gathering of resources, the building of structures, or the execution of your duties and responsibilities. This allows your settlement and organization to begin to grow immediately, and will grant your player-community access to our website management tools as soon as they become available.[1]

Villager and Guild Member Tokens in the Store

The more tokens the Mayor receives, the greater the settlement becomes. At certain thresholds, tokens will create special Settlement Kits that your Mayor can use to increase the city limits, add additional buildings, and more!

You may purchase a maximum of 3 tokens, whether they are Villager Tokens or Guild Tokens and contribute them to another player or keep them for your own settlement.

What Each Villager Token Does[ | ]

  • Notoriety: Each token a settlement receives increases the notoriety of the settlement. This is an in-game mechanic that factors into the Reputation & Fame system. More notoriety means an increased chance that NPCs will seek out your settlement, and communicate your organization to other PCs and NPCs. see Reputation and Fame
  • Population: Each token increases the population of a settlement by 1, with you, in theory, being at least 1 of those citizens. Population slots unclaimed by player characters will be filled by NPCs. The tokens increase an already existing population and are not the only population.[2]
  • Expansion: An additional parcel of land will be added for every 3-5 tokens, depending on the type of settlement.

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