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This game is currently in development. There is no download or playable content. All information is based Developer Journals, the Kickstarter, and community discussions with developers.


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[1]A rare sight, Versary monkeys are highly sought-after pets and companions. Famed for their trainability, Janoa hunters have been known to use them as harassers on the hunt, while less... reputable folks have been known to train them to cut purses and pick pockets. But whether you need a pet that can fetch items for you while crafting, or you need a partner in crime, Versary Monkeys can fill that need.

Information[ | ]

Versary monkeys are rare, even in their home biome of the tropical rainforest. They are famous for their trainability.

Uses[ | ]

Versary monkeys are exceedingly trainable, and can be used to harass an enemy or hunted creature, cut purses or pick pockets, and as a helping hand in crafting.

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Other Information[ | ]

The Versary Monkey is one of the rewards from Kickstarterversary 2019, awarded to any member who had a paid off pledge package by the end of the event.

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