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A town is a settlement with a minimum of 25 parcels of land, 75 people, and a town hall.[1]

Becoming a Town[ | ]

Villages become towns after satisfying the requirements stated above.[1]

Town Government[ | ]

The leader of a town is the Mayor assigned during the chartering. This will typically be the player with the most land, but that is not a requirement.[1] The other charter members become the Town Council.

Towns have a town management UI which lets you see your boundaries, zone parcels of land for leasing (residential, commercial, industrial), monitor settlement resources and taxes, and lets you identify where you want different types of structures to be built. This is ... a table, much like the Count has, which goes in the Town Hall. Through this table, people can see the 'town plan'. And can work to bring the mayor’s vision of the town to life.[1]

Becoming a City[ | ]

A town will become a city when it has at least 49 parcels of land, 150 people, and a courthouse.[1]

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