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Days[edit | edit source]

Each day will be separated into four parts. Day, Dusk, Night, and Dawn. A full Elyrian day is 2.8 IRL hours (168 minutes) long.[1] 1 Elyrian hour is 7 IRL minutes. 1 Elyrian minute is 7 IRL seconds. 1 Elyrian second is 7/60 IRL seconds.

  • Day: 86 minutes 
  • Dusk: 18 minutes 
  • Night: 46 minutes 
  • Dawn: 18 minutes[2]

However it changes slightly throughout the week, like the solstices and equinoxes in our world. There's some days that are longer and some days that are shorter, so the times may vary. [3]

Weeks[edit | edit source]

Each week will be five in-game days (14 hours IRL) long. The name of the days are: Auror, Neera, Merida, Qinder, E'en.[2]

Months[edit | edit source]

Each month in Elyria consists of two Elyrian weeks (1 day 4 hours IRL). Angelan, Ocei, Monarn, Daemi, Terrarn, and Lunai are the month's names, in order.[2]

Seasons[edit | edit source]

A season in Elyria last for an average of 4 real-time days, or 96 hours. Seasons can also vary in length from 2 to 8 real-time days and there will be in-game astrological clues from which players can derive the lengths.[3] Irregular events such as the Longest Night can make seasons go up to 2 IRL weeks.

Years[edit | edit source]

A year in Elyria lasts seven real-world days.[4][2]

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