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Taxes exist with Chronicles of Elyria and will aid the growth and defenses of each Kingdom. However, the amount of tax that is due to be collected or paid for by each town's citizens will differ depending on the Kingdom they belong to, as the King, Queen and Dukes will have a degree of control over the percentages.[1]

Hierarchy of Taxes[ | ]

In order of lowest nobility to the highest, here's an overview of which each type of player will most likely be involved with for tax purposes.[2]

Civilians - Currently unknown. Players who own their own property may come under a law set by their Dukes/Counts/Kings to pay Property Tax, but this is not yet confirmed.

Businesses - Businesses will need to pay a certain amount of Income Tax to their town's Mayor.

Mayors - Mayors are responsible for the collection of Income Taxes from the businesses within their town, as well as passing on the collected taxes to their governing Count.

Note: It may be possible that Mayor's will be able to use a portion of collected Incomes Taxes to improve and grow their town. This will be decided by the Count's and above.

Counts - Counts will be able to collect Property Tax from the Landed Gentry as well as negotiate/collect Income Taxes from their Mayors. As well as passing on the collected taxes to their Duke, Counts will be able to use a portion to improve and develop the infrastructure of their County, such as building and maintaining roads between the various settlements for faster and safer travel of its citizens.

Dukes - Dukes will be responsible for setting the Tax rates of their Duchy, hire Tax Collectors to collect Taxes from those underneath them (Counts etc) and use the Taxes to fund the Duchy's defense services such as Militia, Barons, Spies etc and for building defensive structures.

Kings/Queens - The King or Queen of the Kingdom has the ability to set Kingdom-wide tax rates and will collect the gathered taxes (either in person or by hiring a tax collector) from their Dukes, and will be able to use those taxes as they see fit, be it to improve the military, economy, technology or organizations.

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