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A talent is a rare and powerful characteristic, available in a variety of differing attribute. They are intended to help drive the story forward, creating heroes or villains, and how the talent keeper uses their power can urge other players into fighting them or fighting along side them.[1]

Gaining Talents[ | ]

There are two ways to gain a talent.

  • You get one randomly at Character Creation. Each character has a very small chance of getting a Talent.[1] This chance is determined by the character's birth date and their location in the world.[2] However, you don't know that you have a Talent, and it needs to be activated with some kind of trigger. That could be anything.[3]
  • You get a talent by simply making yourself part of the story within Elyria. This means that if a character, at a certain time or point within the world is in the best position to advance the dynamic story, then the Soulborn Engine may give that person a Talent in order for the story-line to progress.[4]

With both of these combined, less than 5% of the population will have a latent or discovered Talent.[5]

While your character might have a latent talent, if you do not partake in the story-line to trigger that talent, then the Engine may remove this talent from you and assign it to someone else who also meets the criteria.

If you are a farmer that does nothing more than till the fields, bake bread and supply the passing traveler, you are less likely to gain a talent. However, if you are involved in the 10-year story arc designed by the developers and interact with the world and engage in a way to make a difference, may it be negative or positive, then you will have a higher chance of discovering a talent.

Also, talents can possibly become stronger through use, allowing a player to enhance their ability. Although this has not yet been 100% confirmed.

Talents were initially reported to be retained by a soul after permanent character death.[3] However, this has been changed and talents are now bound to an individual character rather than a soul.[1] The reasons being that having talents per lifetime and not per soul increases the amount of players who can possess a talent, since the talent is only there for one lifetime it forces the player to think more carefully on how they use the talent, SbS can make the talent more powerful as it's only used for a limited amount of time, and to make players' experiences in the game more diverse/exciting. [6]

Talents will not be in the game at launch and will be added later at an unspecified date.

Known Talents[ | ]

Talents could have positive or negative impacts. Known talents are listed on this category page: Category:Talents.

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