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Farmer characters

Farmer concept art

Suppliers, which are further divided into Gatherers and Merchant, are those responsible for getting necessary resources to Producers.

Gatherers are miners, lumberjacks, and farmers who tend to gather the more mundane resources such as wood, stone, precious materials and food ingredients.

Merchant travel long distances in order to requisition rarer materials, or trade materials with producers at other locations within the world in return for profit. In both cases, it will not be uncommon for Merchants and Gatherers to use large wagons to transport their merchandise, with some even concealing hidden boxes onboard in order to store their gold or more-precious items. Alternatively, they may hire a bodyguard or two to protect them and their goods from bandits and thieves during their travels.

Skills[ | ]

Suppliers will need to draw heavily from the gathering knowledge domain.

Types[ | ]

Gatherers[ | ]

Merchants[ | ]

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