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This game is currently in development. There is no download or playable content. All information is based Developer Journals, the Kickstarter, and community discussions with developers.


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During the initial Kickstarter campaign, backers were asked to vote on ideas for stretch goals.[1] Soulbound Studios subsequently reviewed the poll results[2] and determined which goals would be available to unlock, at which funding levels.[3]

Funds accumulated through the campaign and v1 of the online store (ending December 31, 2016) determined which goals will be part of the initial release of the game. Although the $2MM goal was not met until after the deadline, SBS subsequently announced that they would be including the Dig/Bury portion of that stretch goal in the initial release.[4]

Unlocked[ | ]

Funding ($) Title SBS Description
1,050,000 Seeds of Angelica's Tear Hire am Environment Artist Rare seeds that grow into a pine tree with glowing pine cones (Patron and higher tiers)
1,300,000 Wards of the State Hire a Programmer and UI/UX Players can choose to start the game as a ward (rather than in a family)
1,350,000 Religious Statues World Enhancement Statues that grant followers a bonus when worshipped (Baron and higher tiers)
1,500,000 Gambling/Gaming Hire an Animator Tavern games to enjoy and gamble on
1,650,000 Pet/Mount Customization Hire a Character Artist Players can customize their pet or mount (Adventurer and higher tiers)
1,750,000 Tunneling World Enhancement Digging into terrain for underground housing
1,800,000 Phoenix Pet Exclusive Backer Reward 6th pet option is a Phoenix that revives itself upon death (Beastmaster and higher tiers)
2,000,000 Dig/Bury[4] Hire a Programmer Hide objects underground

Future[ | ]

These stretch goals were NOT unlocked, but may be added to the game some time after launch.

Funding ($) Title SBS Description
2,000,000 Sensory Map[4] Hire a Programmer Visualization of senses
2,100,000 Mac/Linux/VR Support Expanded Platforms Support for multiple platforms and VR
2,250,000 Mounted Combat Hire an Animator Combat system that supports fighting while mounted

References[ | ]