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Story Points (SP) are the post-exposition counterpart to the EP currency system. Any remaining Exposition Points held by players after Exposition ends will be converted to SP with a substantial loss.[1]

Acquiring SP[ | ]

You can get Story Points depending on your character's involvement in the story. These points earned will then be multiplied by your character's fame. The following table show the ranks:

Story Points Multipliers From Fame [citation needed]
Fame Level Story Points Multiplier Example
Unknown x1 Gentry
Notable x1.5 City Council
Prominent x2 Mayor
Famous x4 Magistrate/Baron
Renowned x8 Count
Exalted x16 Duke
Legendary x32 King

Spending SP[ | ]

Sparks of Life - As part of the Chronicles of Elyria "Earn to Play" model, players will be able to trade in the SP they earn while playing for a new Spark of Life.[2]

Souls - You can spend your SP to buy new Souls.

Life Improvements - You will possibly be able to spend SP in return for items or consumables to aid your next character.[3]

"It has always been our plan that Story Points were used to improve your lot in life. Work hard in your previous life, and like karma, you'll be rewarded in the next. - Caspian"

Heirs - If you wish to have an heir to pass your possessions to upon your characters death, a certain amount of SP will be required in order to do so.[3] Soulbound Studio anticipates that any player will be able to earn enough SP to activate an heir within 3 months of active gameplay. This encourages players to be active, with the risk of losing their current title and fame if they are not.

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