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This game is currently in development. There is no download or playable content. All information is based Developer Journals, the Kickstarter, and community discussions with developers.


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In order to start a character you need a spark of life and a soul.[1]

In CoE, bodies age and die, but Souls live forever. In your new body, whether that be your heir or someone else entirely, your Skill Ramp will get you back up to power quickly & allow you to advance further than in your previous life.[2]

The Spark of Life system also helps reduce griefing. If you kill another character in-game, your face goes up on a wanted poster and a bounty token is created for you. This not only keeps you out of cities, but also means you can be taken to 'jail' which significantly reduces your lifespan, adding real financial repercussions to your in-game decisions.[2]

Business Model[ | ]

Chronicles of Elyria utilizes a new business model never before seen in MMOs. CoE hearkens back to the coin-op arcade model where, for $20 - $40, players buy a Spark of Life that grants a soul the opportunity to live for a maximum of 12 months[3] or fewer depending on spirit loss, before establishing your Soul in a new character of your choosing. (Note: 1 Spark of Life comes with purchase of the game.)[2]

Backer Tier Sparks[ | ]

Here is a summary of the number of extra Sparks for each funding tier.

  • These are in addition to the Spark that comes with the game itself.
  • These are totals - do not add values from lower tiers.
Kickstarter Tier Extra Sparks
Elyrian 0
Adventurer 0
Patron 0
Beastmaster 0
Founder 1
Bloodline 1
Merchant 2
Ursaphant Rider 2
Baron/Baroness 2
Astronomer 4
Count/Countess 4
Artisan 7
Brew Master 7
Weapon Master 10
Celebrity 10
Artificer 15
Duke/Duchess 15
Chimera... or Karate 20
King/Queen 20
Current Tier Extra Sparks
Elyrian 0
Pioneer 0
Founder 1
Bloodline 1
Settler 2
Proprietor 2
Mayor 2
Magistrate 5
Governor 8
Courtier 10
Royal 15
Monarch 20

References[ | ]