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We all want to believe there’s someone out there who shares our same feelings and goals. Someone who fully understands us. Someone who truly loves us. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you if that’s true or not. What we can tell you is you’re likely not alone.[1]

Each soul has a kindred spirit, a twin, a soul mate that is identical in every way. Whatever the destiny of the soul, the twin shares the same destiny. This permanent link between souls results in several mutual benefits.

First, the closer soul mates are to one another the more aware they are of the other’s presence. Within some limited distance a soul mate can always locate their twin.

Second, Soul mates are so acutely attuned to the memories and experiences of the other that within some limited distance they begin to pick up on the skills of the other. It’s said when two soul mates come into contact their skills become so acutely attuned that they complete one another - granting the combined skillset to both soul mates in everything they do.

Finally, the shared connection between soul mates acts as a battery to their spirit. So long as they are near each other, and so long as their bodies can endure, a soul mate separated from their body will always have sufficient spirit to find their way back from the Astral Plane.

Soul mates only begin their existence as twins. Each soul lives their own lives and develops an affinity toward light or dark. While their destinies are inexorably intertwined, there’s no guarantee they’ll lie on the same side of the cosmic struggle when they meet.

Most importantly, soul mates whose affinity go in opposite direction become diametrically opposed to one another. To that end, there is only one way to get past such an antagonist – separate their soul from their body and send them back to the Akashic Records.

Soulmates are chosen from the 300,000+ souls generated for a server, so the chances of meeting your soulmate is very small.[2]

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