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Schools in Chronicles of Elyria represent a collection or group of people dedicated to the furthering of education, research, and technology. Organizational structure and funding incorporates membership fees from some students who are required to pay for access to school resources, as well as grant funding from the Kingdom, Duchy, County, or Settlement they reside in.[1]

Advantages[ | ]

Being part of a school gives members increased and rapid opportunity for learning, which comes in the form of consolidated access to different skill trainers (or teachers) and specialized research tools.[1]

Disadvantages[ | ]

Since schools share technological developments any new technology discovered within the school is freely available to anyone.

Research[ | ]

Schools function as academic institutions that forego production and profit for research and development. Schools also allow for the safer study of new technologies through specialized tools. As such, members of the school share research, which greatly increases the change of new discoveries.[2]

Location & Membership[ | ]

Schools tend to focus on expanding out one campus in order to facilitate the growth of its membership base. Characters (identities) are also limited to one school they can attend and are encouraged to focus their skill development on one set of skills at a time.[1]

Trivia[ | ]

Patents were initially planned as a means for Guilds to protect their specific knowledge but discarded later. As mentioned in Discord #coe-common-room on 10 December 2016, patents were removed from the scope of the game as to allow others to independently acquire the same ability to create something through independent research.[citation needed]

References[ | ]

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