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Introduction[ | ]

Every character in Elyria has a social reputation that spreads through gossip and lets other characters know of the good and bad things they're rumored to have done.

Fame versus Reputation[ | ]

Reputation is how well received your identity is. Your Fame is a measure of how well your name/identity is known. The more famous you are, the more people (NPCs and Player Characters) who will recognize you if mentioned in conversation, and the more likely your reputation is to spread.

Reputation and Fame work together but are otherwise orthogonal, which creates four possible combinations:

  • Famous with a good reputation
  • Famous with a bad reputation
  • Largely unknown with a good reputation
  • Largely unknown with a bad reputation

Similar to your reputation, your fame changes over time as a result of the things you do - good or bad, that affect other people or the story. Completing achievements, finishing tasks, and even just crafting items which you sell to others can all have an impact on your fame. Depending on the actions you take over the course of the game, the Soulborn Engine will offer you more choices and opportunities of the same affinity.

It should also be noted that your reputation and fame are not yours alone. When determining your final reputation and fame, groups you’re affiliated with, as well as your family and dynasty are also taken into consideration. The opposite is also true. Things you do can have an impact on the reputation and fame of your family or organizations.

Gossip[ | ]

Spread of Information[ | ]

Reputation and fame spread through gossip. Any time you interact with NPCs you have an opportunity to gossip with them. This gives you the chance to learn things about other characters in your area, and to share things that you've witnessed as well. Depending on the openness of the NPC you're talking to, they may turn around and pass the information along to other NPCs and PCs who want to chat.

In this way, you could do something favorable, or commit a crime in one town, and may be known in an area before you visit it. It also means that if you can silence enough people, you can stop the news before it spreads.

The impact of gossip can have far-reaching effects. Kingdoms can rise or fall on the wings of the harpies that are gossips. If we compare a kingdom to a guild, gossip can make it reputable, infamous, noteworthy, etc.[1]

Spread of Misinformation[ | ]

Misinformation is another part of the gossip system.

Information that is not completely understood by the character, through gestures and otherwise, will still be included in the character's knowledge base to pass onto others who may help them interpret it.

The Price of Fame[ | ]

Characters who are famous such as kings and heroes and the like are more susceptible to Spirit Loss upon death. This is to prevent famous or impactful characters from being able to die over and over again with little to no consequence. For example, without this system a king who was assassinated would just be able to Spirit Walk and respawn as if nothing happened. With this system, however, a king who died would only be able to survive a few assassination attempts before truly dying. Based on how famous a character is, a multiplier will be applied to determine how much spirit is lost.

Spirit Loss Multipliers From Fame[2]
Fame Level Spirit Loss Multiplier Example
Unknown x1 Gentry
Notable x1.5 City Council
Prominent x2 Mayor
Famous x4 Magistrate/Baron
Renowned x8 Count
Exalted x16 Duke
Legendary x32 King

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