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Introduction[ | ]

Religion is not cosmetic. It has mechanics associated with it, and clerics, Paladins, sages etc. of the different religions is a thing. Even if they may not know whether their deeds have meaning.
~ Caspian[1]

Significance[ | ]

According to Caspian, "Religion is a mechanic. But it is a closely guarded set of secrets. The game engine will track and quantify religious devotion. Whether that has any effect will not likely be revealed."[1]

Player characters leading a life dedicated to religion, devotion, and divinity will involve a specific, dedicated play style meant for those people who want to explore a more esoteric part of the game.

Religions of Elyria[ | ]

There are five main religions in Chronicles of Elyria. Information on each is being released slowly.

Each religion has different gods, different creation lore, different customs of worship and rituals. The people of Elyria do not know whether gods exist or not, but many believe they do. Some do not.

This section provides an overview of the religions with brief descriptions of main characteristics and major rituals.

Al'Tifali[ | ]

Al'Tifali is the religion of The Servants of the Two-fold Queen. The Two-fold Queen is viewed as a Queen of Balance, and her followers view themselves as her subjects. The Two-fold Queen does not see the world or deeds as good or evil, only things to put the world back into balance or out of balance.[2]

Faedin[ | ]

The Faedin believe all living things are tied to the Spirit World (an animist philosophy).[3]

Festival of Passage[ | ]

The Festival of Passage is a major ritual of the Faedin religion.[4][5] To the Faedin, nothing is more sacred than the Cycle of Souls, shifting through forms as they evolve and grow wiser and stronger across each turn of the Cycle’s intricate spirals. Once a lifetime, every 52 years in the grand spiral, the Cycle of Souls itself is celebrated by the Faedin in the time of the Passage.

Qindred[ | ]

The Qindred believe Mann are the descendants of the Qin.

The First being Angelica turned her shadow into a living being named Luna - Second Qin. Angelica made Ao, Qin of Life - Third Qin. Luna made Sanguinis, Qin of Death (Fourth Qin). Luna had a child with Ao (Angelica's 'husband') and created Mann. Angelica and Ao had 2 children. Luna and Sanguinis also had 2 children. Those four are Terra, Oceanus, Daemon and a fourth one (the Qin of Air). Mann was banished.[6]

Virtori[ | ]

The Virtori believe there are powerful Gods and their Guardians. These Gods and Guardians represent the 7 virtues and 7 vices. They believe there was a great War Between the Virtues and Vices and that Mann-kind was caught in the middle. They believe that Mann-kind sealed away the Vices and Virtues to protect Elyria from the Gods.[7]

Faithless[ | ]

People who follow the fifth religion recognize the Gods, Ancients, and Guardians of the other religions, but refuse to allow them to have any power over them. They simply refuse to let them influence their decisions and attempt to remain independent of all of them.

Cults[ | ]

Players will be able to create cults to certain religions in game, however cults will be splinter groups of existing religions, not religions in their own right.

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