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This article pertains to a phase of development which is either still ongoing or has already been completed. It is documented for historical purposes.

For an overview of the phases of the game's development, see Development Schedule.

Introduction[ | ]

Raiders of the Lost Vault is an event that started on the 17th of December 2018 at 12pm PST and will last till midnight 31. December(PST)

The Event will have different effects on each server. As well as big rewards per server

Lore[ | ]

To be completed.

Prizes[ | ]

Two big individual rewards were awarded for each server:

  • 1 Grand Prize per server
  • 1 Runner-Up Prize per server

The grand prize for Oceanus (OCE)[ | ]

  • Claim to the Throne of Sokara - You win a Monarch Ltd. package, ownership of the kingdom of Sokara on the Oceanus server, and an ingame title: "The Luminary"

The runner-up prize for Oceanus[ | ]

  • A Royal Ltd. package - You win a Royal Ltd. package on the Oceanus server and a Casus Belli to the throne of Sokara

The grand prize for Angelica (NA-W), Luna (NA-E) and Selene (EU)[ | ]

  • The Sunstone - You win the unique relic The Sunstone, which creates a natural daylight cycle in a 192 meter radius no matter if underground or during the Longest Night, 25,000 EP, and the ingame title: "The Luminary"

The runner-Up prize for Angelica, Luna, and Selene[ | ]

  • A Royal Ltd. package - You win a Royal Ltd. package and an exclusive manual for a powerful combat style once lost to time, which is rumored to use a flail and offensive shield

Earnable Individual Items[ | ]

Only Backer with Elyrian pledge can participate in Raiding the vault.

By Raiding, the Backers were able to find the following Items so far:

Tier1[ | ]

  • Ancient Coin (1, 2, 5 or 10)
  • Spark of Life
  • 100 EP Gift
  • Corroded Copper Spearhead
  • Glowing Potato
  • Golden Chalice
  • Golden Necklace
  • Golden Ring
  • Locked Casket
  • Lump of Coal
  • Vial of Dark Liquid
  • Star Ruby
  • Star Ruby Ring

Tier2[ | ]

  • Ancient Coin (1, 2, 5 or 10)
  • Spark of Life
  • 100 EP Gift
  • Ceramic Effigy figurine (new)
  • Corroded Copper Spearhead
  • Golden Chalice
  • Golden Necklace
  • Knuckle Bone (new)
  • Knuckle Bone in a Corroded Silver case (new)
  • Lump of Coal
  • Pewter Medaillion (new)
  • Vial of Grey Powder with ornate stupper (new)

Server Rewards[ | ]

After having filled the progress bar, each Server population will have to choose from amongst all options of that Tier.

Tier1[ | ]

  • Increased Wealth:
    • The vault's treasures infuse your server with opulence! All starting capital cities will have their wealth increased by 1 rank, which has the effect of increasing the population, number of buildings, and quality of furniture and other appointments.

Tier2[ | ]

  • Cinder Concrete Discovered:
    • The vault reveals the ratios necessary to create a type of concrete using ash, described as being strong enough to build across a great ravine or for twenty stories. It is a recipe master masons are proud to advertise.

All-Players Rewards[ | ]

All players who participated in the event and had a pledge package before the event closed earned:

  • A Pure Gold Ingot - Despite the odds, you are able to get your hands on a pure gold ingot found in the vault. Any appraiser will tell you its worth a hefty sum! All players with an Elyrian package or higher get this reward.
  • Replica Combination Lock - A clever portable lock mechanism is found in the vault and tinkerers reverse engineer it. The pattern is a closely guarded secret by master tinkerers, but the mechanism itself is commercially available. All players with an Elyrian package or higher get this reward.

Winners[ | ]


Oceania[ | ]

The Grand prize winner and the new Monarch of Oceania (OCE) is:

  • KingOfTheSouth

The Runner-up winner on Oceania (OCE) and claimant to the crown is:

  • Ithikari

Angelica[ | ]

The Grand prize winner (Sunstone) on Angelica (NA-W) is:

  • HuldricFranconian

The Runner-up winner (Royal) on Angelica (NA-W) is:

  • SellayneDarkholm

Luna[ | ]

The Grand prize winner (Sunstone) on Luna (NA-E) is:

  • Nimb

The Runner-up winner (Royal) on Luna (NA-E) is:

  • Bombastus

Selene[ | ]

The Grand prize winner (Sunstone) on Selene (EU) is:

  • GhettoMaster

The Runner-up winner (Royal) on Selene (EU) is:

  • Darhk

References[ | ]