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The Qindred (/ˈkĭn.drĭd/ KIN-drid) is a religion which teaches all Elyrians are descendants of the Qin Mann.[1] They also believe the Qins created Elyria and caused The Burning. Faithful Qindred seek to earn a place in Haven.[2]

Religious Purpose[ | ]

The Qindred simply seek to earn their place in Haven.[2]

The Creation of the Qin[ | ]

Name Qin Title
Angelica Light
Luna Darkness
Ao Life
Sanguinis Death
Terra Land
Kernos Nature
Oceanus Water
Daemon Fire
Tora Air
Selene Solitude
Erathor Desert
Aiden War
Ne'ran Grasslands
Mydra Sea
To'ran Wetlands

The first Qin, Angelica, turned her shadow into a living being named Luna, creating the second Qin. The two were inseparable; wherever one went, there went the other.[3]

As the eons passed, Angelica's needs changed. She no longer wanted just a sister; she desired a lover. Angelica once more used her magic and created a lover from the light that created this world. Thus Ao, Qin of Life, was the third Qin created. Angelica and Ao had two children. They were twins named Terra, Qin of Land, and Oceanus, Qin of Water. Terra and Oceanus are depicted creating the land and water on Elyria.

Luna then used her own magic to make her own lover, Sanguinis, Qin of Death and the fourth Qin. Luna and Sanguinis also had two children: Daemon, Qin of Fire, and Tora, Qin of Air.

Luna joined with Ao, and created Mann. But Mann was banished after the Breaking, unable to move between the planes.[4]

Qindred Genealogy 2

The Creation of Elyria[ | ]

Angelica was alone in the vast emptiness and so she brought light into the world so she would feel warmth and see color. At the moment she created the Light, the cosmos spread out around her, expanding, filling the world with hundreds of billions of spiral and elliptical light sources, each themselves filled with hundreds of billions of lights.[5]

In time, the twins Terra and Oceanus would set off to populate the world with land and seas. Below, is a depiction of Oceanus and Terra creating the very surface of Elyria.[3]

Romance of Ne'ran and Mydra[ | ]

Mann grew close to his half-sister Terra as she didn't blame him for Luna's Betrayal. As her husband has died during the Breaking, romance grew between the two as they spent time together, leading to them having a son. And so Ne'ran, Qin of the Grasslands was born.

Ne'ran grew to be curious, and one day wandered into the water on the edge of Elyria unknowing of the danger. Mydra, Qin of the Sea and daughter of Oceanus and Tora, saved him. They grew close, and the two would meet in secret, Mydra teaching Ne'ran to swim while he dig routes for her to swim further in land. Oceanus was furious when he found the son of Mann coming into the sea and so charged his son, the Qin of Storms, to keep them apart. Mydra was pregnant however with Ne'ran's son, and when her time came gave birth to him in one of the rivers the two of them had made. She named him To'ran after her mother and her lover, giving him to Ne'ran to raise. He couldn't stand him however as he was constantly reminded of his lost love, and gave him to the people along the coast to raise, where he became Qin of the Wetlands.[4]

The Burning[ | ]

The death of Daemon, Qin of Fire, is said to have started The Burning.[1] After the death of Daemon, the fires of Karcion started raging across the world. Ao and Sanguinis grabbed both sides of the world and tore off Karcion to keep the fire from covering the entire lands. But when they did, a third part split off and fell into the abyss, but was caught and held by Kernos, Qin of Nature and husband of Terra. Thus, there were three separate worlds created by the Burning. The area where the capital of the Qin lived, known as Haven remained as one. The capital city of Karcion the other. And the third, we refer to as Elyria, was the region of Elyria where Mann was exiled to.[6]

Exile of Mann[ | ]

Mann and all their descendants are cursed for their very existence as a result of "The Betrayal of Luna". It is said that Angelica cursed Mann, and cast him out of Haven as he was a being of darkness. She created the Akashic Records so Mann's deeds would be recorded. It's said that through his deeds or misdeeds he could provide evidence of his goodness, and thus return to Haven. [6]

Descendants[ | ]

Ref.[7] The Qindred family tree is the only tree that goes back to "The Ancients".

According to the Qindred, the Descendants of Ne'ran are: To'resk, Mydarri, Neran, Kypiq, Hrothi, and Brudvir. These tribes ancestors come "from a different mother".

The Yoru, Waerd, Erishé, Owem, Janoa, and Dras are not descendants of Ne'ran.

Notably, the To'resk and Mydarri are also descendants of Mydra. (Romance of Mydra & Ne'ran lore)

The Godswars[ | ]

Daemon died in the first of the Godswars and his death is said to have caused the second Godswar.[1]

During the second Godswars Aiden, the son of Fire and Suffering: Qin of War, led The Waerd against the other Qin. Aiden was defeated and the Waerd were driven into the Semi arid-desert.[8]

Lore[ | ]

In the Akashic Records Lore reading[9], Anara Starsong states "...if you are one of my kin [or qin], followers of the light..." translating this to mean that she is a follower of the Qindred faith. A follower of the light is most likely someone who follows Angelica, Qin of Light. Anara also mentions that the ancients who had been sealed away by Mann, will be brought out of their slumber, in what's stated as the Awakening - a cataclysmic event that Anara seems desperate to prevent, and that the Qindred and Virtorians play important roles in its prevention.

Akashic Records Lore Video - Transcript

Some people say that when your body dies, your soul returns to a great library called the Akashic Records. That within its halls are row upon rows of cloistered chambers each filled with books and scrolls containing all the deeds of every life you've lived. It's believed that within its chambers a soul can read over their past lives and learn from their mistakes in preparation for their next life. It's also said that every soul is born with a purpose, that they choose a precise time and place in which to be born so they can learn the lessons needed to attain enlightenment. If that's true, then I choose this life, my curse is my sacrifice and at the same time is my gift to the world but while my waerd is one of loneliness, I will not relent, I will do what must be done to prevent the Awakening! It was Mann-kind who sealed away the ancients and it will be Mann-kind who releases them. Through our own ignorance we will set them free upon the world once more, and it has already begun, I have foreseen it. So I beseech you, if you are one of my Qin, a follower of the light, or a Virtorian who uploads the virtues we fought so desperately for. Then now is the time. Return to us Elyrian! Come now! - Anara Starsong. Keeper of Chronicles


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