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Introduction[ | ]

Pitched Battles are a game mechanic in which the commanders from either side use their Battlefield Management tables in order to manage and instruct the different units against their foe.

Battle Management Table[ | ]

The Battle Management table, or even just "Battle Map", is what distinguishes a battlefield from other types of PVP. When a pitched battle occurs, the commanders use the the tables to help manage and instruct the different units.

  • The Tables must be located at the camps set up for pitched battle, as they have a limited range.
  • The Battlefield Management table is a physical object and can be viewed by spies.

Win Conditions[ | ]

Generally speaking, battles tend to be won if the objective(s) for the battle is achieved.

  • So if you're sieging a settlement, the battle is won by your ability to successfully siege it or their ability to successfully stop your siege. (Capture the flag)
  • If it's just a pitched battle, the winner is generally the side that can get past the defenses of the other and kill their commander first. (Kill the Commander)
  • If the battle is a struggle over a resource location, the battle is generally won by being there long enough to claim the resource. (King of the Hill)

Sieging is expected to take hours, days, or weeks (real time) rather than minutes.

At some point, enough people will have suffered losses to a degree where they don't want, or are unable, to continue any longer. At that point, the primary objective will be completed and the winner can claim the spoils.

Bloodlust[ | ]

Bloodlust is a battlefield mechanic that increases the initial death penalty by a factor based off of the tier of nearby nobility. After the initial penalty, there is a buffer of X amount of time where there is no penalty for repeated deaths. While there is still a "waking up" cooldown, there is no spirit loss during that time.

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