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Disambig This article is about the Qindred deity. For the game server located in Oceania, see Oceanus (server).

Oceanus is the Qin of the Water, child of Angelica and Ao. Oceanus's twin is Terra, Qin of Land. Daemon Qin of Fire, and Tora, the Qin of Air are his cousins.[1][2]

He had a daughter by Tora, called Mydra, Qin of the Sea, and a son, Qin of Storms.

He blames Mann for the Betryal of Luna, and thus harbours a hatred for him and the children of Mann. This can be seen in "The Romance of Ne'ran and Mydra", where he tells his son to keep the two apart. Despite this, Mydra has a son by Ne'ran called To'ran, Qin of the Wetland. The To'resk believe it is due to their being descendant of To'ran and the running feud in the family that the wetland they live shifts constantly.[3]

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Oceanus is also the name of the server that will serve the 'Oceania zone' of the community.

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