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Nathan "Tripnull" Hitchcock
Client-side programmer

Nathan Hitchcock (known by the handle Tripnull) was one of the very first client-side programmers in Soulbound Studios to begin work on Chronicles of Elyria. While initially working on Chronicles of Elyria (in 2015) Nathan lived on a sail boat (Catalina 30) and worked in Caspian's basement office.[1]

Client-Side Programming[ | ]

Programming of the parts of the games that players directly interact with, such as UI, Graphics, Physics, AI, etc.

Education[ | ]

Digipen Institute of Technology

Experience[ | ]

Client Side Developer

Soulbound Studios

Jan. 2015 - ???

Network Engineer

Radio Galaxy (Digipen)

May 2014 - Aug 2014

Lead Programmer/Technical Director Muffin Express Games (Digipen)

Jan. 2012 - May 2014[2]

Games: War of the Currents, Mashball

References[ | ]