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A merchant is a player or NPC character role that deals in trading goods and services obtained from or produced by other people in order to make a profit. Often seen populating the streets and squares of cities and towns as well as roaming the continents, merchants are ubiquitous to maintaining city and urban life and propelling the economy through trade.

Becoming a Merchant[ | ]

Because of Chronicle of Elyria's unique system that does not define classes, there is no set merchant class. However, it is possible to obtain a merchant pack by buying or pre-ordering the "Settler Pack" or packs of higher tier from the online CoE store.

Merchant Pack[ | ]

This package can be purchased in the CoE Merchandise Store - section 'Packs', and includes the following items:

  • Merchant's Cloak
  • Detailed maps of your home duchy
  • Merchant Scales
  • In-game map of a historical location

Creating a Physical Shop[ | ]

When building new structures within Elyria, player's can set the building's purpose through the furniture and objects inside.

For example: If a player wishes to become a shopkeeper and sell their wares through a purpose built building, located on a parcel of land which they own or have leased, then they would need to include furniture and objects related to a shop, such as a set of Merchant Scales.

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