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This game is currently in development. There is no download or playable content. All information is based Developer Journals, the Kickstarter, and community discussions with developers.


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Cartography Map-1-

ve no auto-map or mini-maps. Maps will be just another item that players will be able to craft using the Cartography skill, one of the sub-skills of Lore Skills[1]

Maps are small, stackable objects wh sit in your inventory like iem. They can e bought, sold, traded, destroyed, stolen and crafted.[2]

NPCs will refer to locations with the names that are commonly written on maps.

Map ale[ | ]

Maps in CoE are divided up into 8 different scales:

  1. Structural: it's the small scale used for mapping castles, ruins, dungeon, caverns, etc. Objects on this maps will typically show the location of different rooms, hallways, items, traps or anything found in this areas, even creatures but this could move so it might not be accurate.
  2. Settlement: this will be used for the layout of villages and towns, showing building, farms, location of crafting resources, etc.
  3. Regional: larger than settlement maps and more detailed than a county map. In general this maps are used by Explorers and Gatherers to communicate information about resources in the wild.
  4. County: this is roughly the size of an average county. It will show settlement landmarks like the location of hamlets, villages, and towns or geographical landmarks as rivers, lakes, forests and trade routes, or even large resource locations like an established mine.
  5. Duchy: these maps will probably be the least common of the maps, and will show the county borders and positions of large geographical structures such as mountains, valleys, massive lakes, etc. They will also show towns and cities and the most important areas for resource gather, as well as trade routes between counties.
  6. Kingdom: this will show the boundaries of the duchies, the major cities, and the principal trade routes between them. Together with continent maps, they are used to track diplomatic boundaries.
  7. Continent: this kind of map will show the borders of the kingdoms on a continent.
  8. World: mostly decorative items, used only to express the scope of the known world.

Cartography[ | ]

This skill allows you, using in-game tools, to draw/sketch/stencil maps of your area. 

See Cartography for more information.

Navigation[ | ]

This skill is used with maps and other tools to help characters to find their location in the world.

See Navigation for more information.

Sensory Maps[ | ]

There is actually a mini-map in CoE but it's not your standard map. It serves as a survival tool and is tied to your character's senses. It shows what your character hear or smell. This allows to leverage both player senses as well as character senses and create a tighter bond between the player and her/his character.

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