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This article pertains to a phase of development which is either still ongoing or has already been completed. It is documented for historical purposes.

For an overview of the phases of the game's development, see Development Schedule.

Introduction[ | ]

Map Voting was a determinant stage in the development of the Game Servers planned for Chronicles of Elyria. It is one of the two major community decision making processes Soulbound Studios established to enable the player community to determine the fate of their gameplay world(s).

Map voting was an event between October 22nd 2018 and November 15th 2018.

In order to make the player community have a mayor say in the worlds they would play on, for each of the four initially planned game servers, SBS rolled out a 2-stage Map Voting process during game development. This process started with the generation of a large number of worlds (> 100), each initiated with a unique 'seed', to a level of detail that would reveal the size and locations of the continents of Elyria and the major climate zones and main biomes on the designated starting continent. Based on these intermediate versions, SBS preselected twenty for usage on the three continental servers (Angelica, Luna and Selene). These maps also got kingdom borders drawn in. In Round 1, the player community got to select 5 of these maps for either of the continental servers. In a second vote Round 2, more details were added to the rendered maps and the player community made their final selection for each server. For Oceanus, 8 maps were made avaliable to choose from. The process resulted in the 4 Maps of Elyria for each of the four servers.[1]

Round 1[ | ]


Procedure[ | ]

To be described briefly.

Maps[ | ]

During Round 1 the servers Angelica ("NA West"), Luna ("NA-East") and Selene ("EU") could each pick 5 exclusive maps from the following pool of 20 maps.

Result[ | ]

To be described briefly.[3]

Round 2[ | ]


Procedure[ | ]

To be described briefly.

Maps[ | ]

During round 2 each server would pick one map from their individual pool to become the map for that server.

Angelica[ | ]

Players could choose from the following 5 maps Angelica in Round 2.

Luna[ | ]

Players could choose from the following 5 maps Luna in Round 2.

Selene[ | ]

Players could choose from the following 5 maps Selene in Round 2.

Oceanus[ | ]

Players could choose from the following 8 maps Oceanus in Round 2.

Result[ | ]

The four maps that were selected by the community to serve as the main stage for their Chronicles of Elyria are shown below.[5]

Server Selection[ | ]

With the maps selected in the map voting process, the player community was enabled to select one of the servers for their account.[6]

Domain & Settlement Selection[ | ]

Completion of the processes of Map Voting and Server Selection is a prerequisite for the process of Domain & Settlement Selection. More information in that process is presented on a dedicated page.

References[ | ]