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Mann is a Qin, son of Luna, Qin of Darkness, and Ao, Qin of Life. According to the Qindred, he was banished from Haven.[1] All modern day Elyrians are said to be his descendants.[2]

Mann, and thus his descendants were cursed for their very existence. It is referred to by the Qindred as "The Betrayal of Luna". It is said that Angelica cursed Mann, and cast him out of Haven as he was a being of darkness. She created the Akashic Records so Mann's deeds would be recorded. It's said that through his deeds or misdeeds he could provide evidence of his goodness, and thus return to Haven.[3] Mann found himself seperated from his loved ones as he was unable to walk between the planes. Terra, his half sister, became his solace and coordinated meetings between him and his father. After the Breaking and the death of her husband Kernos, romance began to blossom between them. From this love came a child, Ne'ran, Qin of the Grasslands.

The To'resk are thought to de descendants of To'ran, Mann's grandson through Ne'ran.[4]

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