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This game is currently in development. There is no download or playable content. All information is based Developer Journals, the Kickstarter, and community discussions with developers.


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Main Story[ | ]

Using the Soulborn Engine, Soulbound Studios will be implementing a 10 year long dynamic story which will affect the whole of Elyria.

History[ | ]

See History to learn about Elyria's past.

Religion[ | ]

Religions and their beliefs play a large part in the world of Elyria.

Players can create Cults of existing religions but not entirely new religions with the use of game mechanics.[1]

Rituals[ | ]

Rituals are established within cultures through the ages. These may be of various origin, nature, frequency and intensity. Rituals can be celebrations, pilgrimages, competitions, parades, inaugurations, rites of initiation, etcetera. Especially religious and tribal rituals can have significant impact on the lives of many Elyrians. See Rituals for more information.

Lore Characters[ | ]

Many characters have shaped the history of Elyria with their actions. See Lore Characters for more information.

Lore Stories[ | ]

A few stories have been released that provide cultural knowledge and help flesh out the world of Elyria. These stories include:

  • "Ilnajeren and the Lantern Man", a story about a shape-shifting antagonist that consumes the souls of its victims in mass quantities, leaving behind their dead bodies.[2]
  • "Caught Off Guard" is the story of a Janoa who prevented the disruption of a Sedecim by a malcontent and ensured a treaty between 2 tribes that are generally uncivil with each other.[3]
  • "The Cardinal Miracle of the Second Age" is the legend of a 26 year long famine, and the Cardinal Bees whose mere touch causes flowers to bloom in the fields and fruit to grow upon the trees in minutes.[4]
  • Longest Night: A 3 year long eclipse of the sun, containing 1 year of twilight at either end and a full year of darkness in between. Each tribe has their own way to celebrate. See also, Rituals.[5]
  • "Marsh Mother" Featuring the Eye, the story tells of orphanage matron Jevirelle and her wards being burned alive inside their house by a mob infuriated at the death of one of their women and blaming the 3 orphans who reported it.[6]

Planes[ | ]

Some religions believe that Elyria was one world, before a cataclysmic event split it into different planes. See Planes for more information.

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