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The Judicial system is a system of courts and litigation procedures that Kingdoms and governors use to prevent and punish crime. Little is known about it, as some aspects are still in the design phase and subject to change.

The Judicial System[ | ]

In Chronicles of Elyria players can assume positions in the judicial system, provided their role is acknowledged by relevant authorities. Or they can be appointed in positions within the judicial system. Heads of state are able to write the laws and appoint judges and sheriffs, and it is assumed they will also be able to decide on their nations' judiciary.

There are two tiers in the Judicial System:[1]

  • Court of Commons (or Common Court) exists to address lower level crimes, such as petty theft. Those who are accused can be judged by Mayors, Town Council, or players who have taken the time to obtain Judge privileges.[1][2]
  • King's Court exists to address capital crimes, such as murder or arson. The King's Court will be presided over by either a Baron, or a Duke-appointed Judge that resides within the town or city.[2] If neither appointed Judge is present, it may be possible for a Court of Commons Judge to preside over the trial.[1]

Soulbound Studios is looking at something similar to the Gossip system for the Crime Reporting system - which is still being designed. Caspian has stated, "When a crime takes place an information token or artifact related to that crime will be associated with your character in the Soulbound Engine." He explained these tokens will enable honest players to report what they have seen to local authorities (perhaps using a drop-down list), giving Players the opportunity to provide evidence or state possible witnesses in relation to the reported crime. If someone is persuasive enough they can create false evidence and lie on the stand, or to a guardsman in the city. While this enables a whole new realm of game-play for some individuals, Soulbound Studios will ensure measures are in place to prevent players from falsely accusing one another too often.[1]

Sheriffs[ | ]

Sheriffs will have the ability to go out and track people, in addition to handing out bounty tokens for people who break the law.[3]

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