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Jeromy W
CEO, creative and technical director
Alma Mater
University of Missouri-Rolla Computer Science, Psychology
Notable Works
Dungeons & Dragon: Dragonshard
Star Wars Battlefront

Jeromy W (known by the handle Caspian) is a cofounder of Soulbound Studios[1], the companys CEO, as well as the creative and technical director. He is the main director of the titular MMORPG game Chronicles of Elyria. With his relentless passion for creating new worlds, developing new game systems, and solving tough problems, he uses his imagination, technical acumen, and past business experience to drive the long-term strategy.

Early Career[ | ]

A 15 year veteran of the game industry, Jeromy began programming games in the early 90's. Beginning as a MUD Wizard writing LPC code in text-based Multi-User Dungeons, he quickly moved to developing 3D games and First-Person Shooters. After finishing degrees in Computer Science and Psychology from Missouri S&T, he joined Liquid Entertainment as a Tools/Engine Programmer and later Pandemic Studios as their Senior/Lead Tools Programmer.

Previous work[ | ]

Jeromy has numerous credited and uncredited titles in the Free Roaming Adventure and RTS genres including Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard, Mercenaries, and Star Wars Battlefront. He was most recently an Instructor at DigiPen Institute of Technology and a Senior Software Engineering Lead for Microsoft.

Private life[ | ]

When he’s not programming, Jeromy is a lover of board and card games, fantasy literature, ancient mythology, and has spent over 20 years as a storyteller and game master across multiple digital and print role playing systems, including Dungeons & Dragons, White Wolf, and Pathfinder.[2]

References[ | ]