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This game is currently in development. There is no download or playable content. All information is based Developer Journals, the Kickstarter, and community discussions with developers.


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This article pertains to an area of the game which is currently in development. The information presented here is incomplete, and will be updated as more information becomes publicly available.

Item Quality[ | ]


Pre-Alpha Furniture Exploration - Royal Wardrobe [1]


Pre-Alpha Tools - Utility Blades [2]

Items will have a quality level.

  • Standard - Of a standard quality
  • Artisan - Of a higher quality than normal
  • Peerless ("heirlooms") - Nothing of a higher quality, Heirlooms
  • Legendary ("artifacts") - So well known it's become an item of legend, Artifacts
  • Mystical ("relics") - Likely to possess magical or mystical abilities, Relics

Items of variable quality[ | ]

  • Resource Stockpile: Higher quality resources
  • Crafting Products: Higher quality materials
  • Contracts: More complex contracts
  • Tools: More expensive, unique tools
  • Containers: Larger, more reinforced, higher quality containers
  • Crafting Stations: More specialized stations or more resilient
  • Store Inventory: Higher quality items
  • Decor & Lighting: More attractive, better lighting
  • Furniture: Better materials, more decorative and ornate
  • Transportation: Higher quality, higher seating capacity, more customization
    More destructive - higher quality destruction?
  • Furnished buildings: Bigger, better materials, higher quality furniture
  • Infrastructural elements like Fences, Walls and Roads: Stronger and sturdier, better materials
  • Schools & Academies: Bigger, better construction, more specialized disciplines
  • Cathedrals & Shrines: Bigger, better construction, more decorative, more ... benefits

Heirlooms ("Peerless")[ | ]

Heirlooms are exactly what you would think heirlooms are in real life: family heirlooms. Items that are passed down through lifetimes and hold special value, which could be real value but in most cases they would be most valuable to members of that family. A Q&A indicated that players can mark their items, especially heirlooms, with sigils which could have implicit contracts attached to them, making them illegal to posses if not possessed by the rightful heir.[citation needed]

Misc Author notes: I would also like to think that implicit contracts will be more prevalent in relics (or artifacts), for example...a relic might bestow the user with increased intuition despite their age, but could lower their persuasion (so basically no one listens to them).

Artifacts ("Legendary")[ | ]

Artifacts have a passive bonus that are always applied to them as a result of having been used to achieve some past previous achievement. Remember, CoE doesn't scale with items. There's no +100 STR swords. We subscribe to an older idea of equipment in RPG's where the differences between quality of items - even large quality differences are relatively small, and are even then very situational. When you think of artifacts in CoE don't think of Epics or Legendary items in most games - think of Sting from the Lord of The Rings; an elven blade feared by goblins which glows blue in the presence of orc-kind.
~ Caspian [3]

Description A legendary item is a legendary item because it has a history attached to it and that history is in some way inspiring, or renown, or infamous, in a way that is passed on to its wielder.[4]

Q&A discussion: (A blacksmith is approached to make a weapon) “I hear you are the best in town at making these types of weapons, can you do this for me“ And you do and he goes off and slays the dragon using your sword it becomes an artifact. [citation needed] (OP note: Omitted further discussion of talents as it isn't as directly related to the item and more so to the achievement.)

Example of an Artifact: Sting from Lord of the Rings (glows in the presence of some Orcs). An Elyrian application would be something like, you have some normal sword and you lovingly name it Swordy McSwordface...with Swordy McSwordface, you are the first player ever to kill some powerful creature/being, well Swordy McSwordface is now an artifact as it struck the killing blow of the creature, and now is slightly more powerful against the species/race of that creature or glows when near another one.

Known Artifacts[ | ]

  • Ring of the King: Once someone with sufficient claim puts it on, they are bound by contract to fulfill the role of the king. This grants them all the benefits and privileges therein, but breach of contract means death and a land without leadership until the next person accepts the contract. Illegal possession of ring could also mean criminal punishment. (From DJ on Contracts)[citation needed]

Relics ("Mystical")[ | ]

Relics are typically ancient items that have some mystical properties. However, activating those properties first requires you to determine how to do so. The idea was that if people purchased one of the 'mystical' items it would be provided with a collection of non-relics, with no indication of which item was the relic, and no information about what the relic actually did. The receiver would be forced to go on a quest - or a series of quests - to discover which was the relic, and how to activate it.
~ Caspian[3]

Description: Despite also being legendary, a relic is a remainder of an age long past and may function in ways that modern mannkind doesn't quite understand (Especially when they're literal relics). They can appear to perform miraculous feats.[4]

A discussion: (Question relating to longer lifespans) "Rumour has it, there is a relic, only one… that grants immortality. We don’t know where it is, we don’t who has it… we don’t even know if it’s real. But there is a rumour that such an item exists and what an item it would be to be able to live forever without fear of darkness in your soul. So basically be attached to your soul, for all eternity without aging. But also, imagine what others would go to, what length they would go to to try and get that item from you if they ever discover that you have it."< (OP note: I kind of imagine this is kind of like the struggle of possessing the Elder Wand in Harry Potter.)[citation needed]

Regarding "magic" and crafting: "If there is magic in the world, and it were to become present, crafters would be able to make items that can interact with magic, but not necessarily create magical items."[citation needed]

Known relics[ | ]

The list below provides brief descriptions of the presently known items in the relics category.

  • The Ring of Erathor: A ring that protects the bearer from all physical harm apart from fire. Legend says that it's in possession of Erathor, the Qin of the Desert, child of Fire and Solitude.
  • The Sunstone: A relic which creates a natural daylight cycle in a 192 meter radius no matter if underground or during the Longest Night.

Item Rarity[ | ]

Chronicles-of-elyria-pre-alpha-crafting-exploration-mystery-tool 01

Pre-Alpha Furniture Exploration - Mystery Tool! [1]

Items may also have a rarity level, indicating how many may exist in Elyria at a time.

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Limited
  • Rare
  • Unique

Items of variable quality and rarity[ | ]

  • Patterns & Techniques: More unique, complicated patterns & techniques
  • Blueprints: More complex and interesting blueprints (More complex and interesting does NOT mean more powerful)
  • Equipment (clothing, armor, weapons): Higher quality materials, can also lead to legendary and unique items
  • Livestock / Bee hives: Better strains of DNA
  • Pets: More interesting and exotic
  • Mounts: Better strains, and more exotic
  • Crops: Better strains, more exotic crops
  • Plants & Trees: Better strains, more exotic
  • Land: More valuable - along waterways, trade routes, or having non-renewable resources

Item Categories[ | ]

Artifacts[ | ]

Learn more about these items (and relics) and how you can find them on this dedicated page: Artifacts.

Consumables[ | ]

Any item that can used up causing an effect, including:

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Medical supplies
  • Potions

Contracts[ | ]

Contracts are an important type of items. More information on their purpose and on how to set and use them is provided on this dedicated page: Contracts.

Crafting Products[ | ]

Crafting Products are items that require input of one or more types of material and some conversion and/or assembly process covering one or more subsequent steps. In most cases the usage of one or more Crafting Stations is required for this conversion. Many different items will be able to be crafted using a pattern, and the more knowledge the crafter acquires, the more technology will become available to the crafter and the more complex and of higher quality his or her crafts can become. Additional knowledge is acquired through research.

Equipment[ | ]


Equipment view

Equipment is everything that you can wear and wield on your character. This includes weapons, armor, tools and other items.

Gathering Materials[ | ]

Gathering Materials can be almost anything imaginable. In general, these are considered resources that can be extracted from the natural environment or from Mann-tended acres or pastures without prior conversion into other materials / items.

Maps[ | ]

In Chronicles of Elyria, maps are usable items that you can buy in stores.

Transportation[ | ]

Mounts and Vehicles can be means of Transportation to be used in Elyria. Mounts age like characters and may die without proper care.

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