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Introduction[ | ]

The zodiac is a specific area of the Elyrian sky that extends some degrees north or south (as measured in celestial latitude) of the ecliptic, the apparent path of Angelica across the Elyrian celestial sphere over the course of the year. The paths of the other main celestial bodies are also within the belt of the zodiac. In Elyrian astrology, the zodiac is divided into twelve houses, each occupying 30° of celestial longitude. They tie in with the destiny of the character and souls.[1][2]

Astronomy & Astrology[ | ]

The field of knowledge of Astronomy deals with the study and understanding of the characteristics and the movement of the celestial bodies of Elyria. The related field of knowledge Astrology seeks to interpret the relationship between astronomical phenomena, such as the identified Houses of the Zodiac, and events and developments in the world of Elyria. More on each of these fields of knowledge can be found on the related wiki pages.

Houses of the Zodiac[ | ]

The following are the currently identified and classified houses of the Elyrian Zodiac.
Note that these are unofficial and to be considered placeholders for the time being.[2]

House of the Otter Bear[ | ]

The house of the Otter Bear is the house of Domain.
This house influences: Personal possessions, wealth, fame, renown, character.

House of the Dryas Elk[ | ]

The house of the Dryas Elk is the house of Knowledge.
This house influence: Development of knowledge, intelligence, information about world, learning in general.

House of the Flower-Cup Porcupine[ | ]

The house of the Flower-Cup Porcupine is the house of Consciousness.
This house influences: Home, self, lands, origin, self-awareness.

House of the Canis Rabbit[ | ]

The house of the Canis Rabbit is the house of Pursuit.
This house influences: Creativity, romance, children, accomplishing things.

House of the Ursaphant[ | ]

The house of the Ursaphant is the house of Toil.
This house influences: Career, endeavor, pursuit, labor.

House of the Leffit[ | ]

The house of the Leffit is the house of Connections.
This house influences: Love, romance, family, obligations and duties to lords, personal connections.

House of the Conifer Rat[ | ]

The house of the Conifer Rat is the house of Family.
This house influences: Family, resources, obligation, wealth.

House of the Domino Fox[ | ]

The house of the Domino Fox is the house of Wisdom.
This house influences: Religion, scholastic pursuit, personal development.

House of the Pteroguin[ | ]

The house of the Pteroguin is the house of Status.
This house influences: Financial success, reputation, community, politics, prestige.

House of the Trison[ | ]

The house of the Trison is the house of Community.
This house influences: Community, organizational success, belonging, legislation, regulation, politics.

House of the Wildcat[ | ]

The house of the Wildcat is the house of Self.
This house influences: Personality, Identity, Image, Beginnings.

House of the Phoenix[ | ]

The house of the Phoenix is the house of the Arcane.
This house influences: Secrets, the unknown, self-sacrifice, loss, deception.

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