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History[ | ]

At some point in ancient Elyrian history, there was indeed a cataclysmic fire that resulted in the splitting of the world into three planes; Haven, New Elyria, and Karcion. Those who came before the burning are collectively known as Antepyrovians. We do not, however, know if they were called "Angelica" and "Daemon" etc.

But the way the lore had been privately written, the way I had written, subject to change depending on what the story director wants to do, there is multiple places or multiple planes of existences. It’s called Haven; it’s in the old Elyria where the world is broken up. There is kind of the New Elyria that people known as the Children of Mann are now populated, and there is another place that people are consumed by fire. And that world is known as Karcion. So that lore we’ve got now is there are multiple planes of existence and between those is the Astral Plane that’s separating all those other planes.

We have a huge storyline we’re working off of, that spans nearly the full 10-years, and we’re going to be doing some cool stuff. Is it pretty intricate? Yeah, it involves religions and magic the different planes and very importantly, what we call Antepyrovians. The people who existed before the fire that was part of the splitting of the different planes.''

~ Caspian[1]

See also[ | ]

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Religious Histories[ | ]

Each of the five religions in Elyria has their own History of the world.

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Qindred[ | ]

See Qindred for the history of the world according to the Qindred.

Virtori[ | ]

See Virtori for the history of the world according to the Virtori.

References[ | ]

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