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A hamlet is a group of land in Elyria containing a minimum of 3 parcels of land, accommodation for 10 people, and a well.[1]

Becoming a Hamlet[ | ]

Hamlets arise after satisfying the requirements of having 3 parcels of land, accommodation for 10 people, and a well.[1] Once these requirements are met the owner(s) can decide to make it a Hamlet. Everyone within the three parcels of land get water automatically when on the land due to the well. This means that, while your thirst will still go up, you won't die of dehydration. At the same time, having a house and a bed means your fatigue won’t drop while you’re on one of the three plots of land.

Hamlets are not automatically registered with local government. So aside from the benefits already described they provide no additional benefits. You can call your hamlet whatever you want but it won’t show up on any maps unless you mark it yourself. If you want any benefits beyond this, you have to expand.

Hamlet Government[ | ]

Hamlets have no official government. The players must coordinate amongst themselves.[1]

Becoming a Village[ | ]

A hamlet becomes a village when it has at least 9 parcels of land, 25 people, and a tavern.[1]

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