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This game is currently in development. There is no download or playable content. All information is based Developer Journals, the Kickstarter, and community discussions with developers.


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The image shows a variety of differing landscapes in terms of biomes and landscape

A sample map of Elyria

The starting continent for each server will be approximately 96km x 192km for the NA and EU servers. The starting continent for the OCE server will be approximately 96km x 144km.

  • It is estimated that it will take 48-hours of non-stop walking (at 1.5m/s) to walk one edge to the other, if the world is flat with no obstructions.
  • Add in the mechanics required for resting, changes in the terrain (forests, rivers, mountains), etc., and this estimate will increase.

Every server will have a minimum combined Player-Character (PC) and Non-Player-Character (NPC) population of approximately 100k.[1] Divided into six kingdoms, each kingdom may have an approximate average population of 17k PCs and NPCs.[2]

Geography & Biomes[ | ]

The world of Elyria has many different biomes with their own specific, local climate and other environmental conditions, flora, fauna, and resources. Note that not every biome will be present at release.
Which biomes are present, and where on each continent is determined by the unique geography of each of the servers worlds. The worlds geography and biome distribution is determinant for the initial, guided process of domain and settlement selection, and consequently also of major influence of the future development of each world and their player communities.

Game Servers[ | ]

In Chronicles of Elyria, each server has a unique geography, which results from a process called world generation.
The servers are:

  • Angelica, also referred to as "NA West", located in Western North America.
  • Luna, also referred to as "NA East", located in Eastern North America.
  • Selene, also referred to as "EU", located in Europe.
  • Oceanus, also referred to as "OCE", located in Australia.

Locations[ | ]

The world canvas is dotted with Settlements of varying size and numerous other locations, places and points of interest. Individual settlements are not documented on this wiki. However, the rich history and lore of Elyria has resulted in a number of special and mostly unique locations. These are documented on this wiki and can be found with this dedicated category page: Locations

Political[ | ]

Like the geography, the political map of Elyria is different and unique for each Game Server. The two top levels of Public Governance of the realms in Elyria (kingdoms and duchies) are documented on this wiki and can be found via the respective category pages on player kingdoms and duchies, and via this dedicated starting page: Current Governments

References[ | ]

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