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This game is currently in development. There is no download or playable content. All information is based Developer Journals, the Kickstarter, and community discussions with developers.


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In Chronicles of Elyria, you can gather almost anything you can imagine. Below you can find a list of items you can gather confirmed so far.

Inorganic[ | ]


  • Metals
  • Stone
  • Gems & Minerals
  • Sand
  • Chalk
  • Clay

Organic[ | ]


  • Fruit
  • Leaves/Petals/Buds
  • Stalks/Reeds
  • Bark
  • Reed
  • Wood
  • Saps/Oils

Animals[ | ]


  • Skin/Hide
  • Meat
  • Bone
  • Organs

Deconstruction[ | ]

In Chronicles of Elyria, the majority of crafted objects which require assembly can also be disassembled. There's a couple reasons you might want to do this.

First, if you decide later you want a better hilt on your sword, you can take it apart, put a better hilt on it and you're good to go. This applies to the component level as well. Don't like the ruby on the pommel of your sword? Take it off and put the shiny new sapphire on.

Second, many items in CoE suffer durability loss over time. While it's possible to take the blade you've been using to a grinding wheel and put a good edge back on it, that'll only work so many times. At some point, it'll be necessary to get rid of the blade entirely and put a new one on it.

Recycling[ | ]

One of the major problems in most MMOs is the need for a money sink. This sink is necessary because resources are unlimited. Metal deposits are constantly appearing as new resource nodes, animals are always respawning, and NPC villains forever roam the land with wealth that materialized out of thin air.

Most MMOs handle this problem, among other ways, by having resources destroyed during crafting. This is true whether you’re successful or unsuccessful. If you fail a skill check, you may lose some percent of the resources in addition to failing to create the item. If you succeed, you may get the item but the resources are still gone forever.

However, Chronicles of Elyria is a world with finite resources. Metals, gems, and other non-renewable resources can become extremely valuable as the game evolves. As a result, we’ve instituted a mechanic for recycling. Many materials, such as metals can be disassembled from their current object, such as taking a blade off a sword, and can be re-melted into ingots at a forge. In this way, many materials can be put to new use.

Rather than forcing you to sell the blade you just found to an NPC as "vendor trash", you can instead take the bad blade, put it back in the forge, and recoup most of the metal used in the initial crafting. In this way, you can continue to craft an item, advancing your skill, until you create a product at the quality you're looking for.

In all of the above cases the raw materials are processed using knowledge from the gathering domain to turn them into something consumable by different crafting professions. For example, those with the Mining skill are able to gather raw metals and then convert them into smelted ingots. Those with the mining skill can also use the Jewel cutting skill to take gems from metal deposits and cut them into jewels for use by jewelers.

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