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This game is currently in development. There is no download or playable content. All information is based Developer Journals, the Kickstarter, and community discussions with developers.


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Introduction[ | ]

The world of Elyria is populated with many types of plants, trees, and other flora, some of which is similar to Earth and others exclusive to Elyria. Of the flora found on Elyria, those that are publicly known can be found presented below.

Classification[ | ]

For the convenience of players, the flora of Elyria is classified in a limited number of groups, preferably in agreement with the taxonomy of botanic species. This can be a temporary situation. Eventually grouping in agreement with the use of species in the game can turn out to be most effective.

Climate Zones[ | ]

For the growth and reproduction of floral species, the Elyrian climate and geography are essential. For the time being four major climate zones have been identified. These are: Mild, Temperate, Arid and Tropical.[1]

The following zone biomes are, in order of server [1]:

NA-W, NA-E, & EU[ | ]

  • Kingdom (K) 1 - Mild
  • K2 - Mild
  • K3 - Temperate
  • K4 - Arid
  • K5 - Tropical
  • K6 - Tropical

Oceanus[ | ]

  • K1: Mild
  • K2: Temperate/Arid
  • K3: Arid/Temperate/Tropical
  • K4: Tropical
  • K2 Shrublands is Temperate/Arid hybrid
  • K3 Semi-Arid Desert: Arid
  • K3 Bog: Temperate
  • K3 Grasslands: Temperate
  • K3 Marsh: Temperate/Tropical

*It should also be noted that, while the above is accurate, there may be some crossover at the edges of the kingdoms or biomes.

Cultivation[ | ]

Mann will seek to harvest the produce of Elyria's floral species and cultivate them as efficiently and effectively as possible. In order to be successful, Mann must understand the key factors that affect the reproduction, growth and quality of these species and apply the right tools and skills in the process. Both knowledge and skill will be of relevance for this. For example, soil acidity, temperature, and altitude all affect crop growth. Knowledge of these factors is key to successful decision making on where to plant which crop.[2]

Species of Elyria[ | ]

Crops[ | ]

Chronicles of elyria pre-alpha maize 01

Pre-Alpha Asset: Mature Maize Plant [3]

Chronicles of elyria pre-alpha wheat 01

Pre-Alpha Asset: Mature Wheat Plant [3]

Chronicles of elyria pre-alpha rice 01

Pre-Alpha Asset: Mature Rice Plant [3]

Chronicles-of-elyria potato plant

Pre-Alpha Asset: Mature Potato Plant [3]

Mild Biome Crops[ | ]

Name Type Ref
Grapes Undefined [1][2]

Temperate Biome Crops[ | ]

Name Type Ref
Grapes Undefined [1][2]

Arid Biome Crops[ | ]

Name Type Ref
Young Agave Cactus Undefined [1][4]
Cactus Undefined [1][4]
Flax Fiber [4][5]
Maize Undefined [4][3]
Tepary Beans Undefined [4]
Winter Wheat Undefined [4][3]
Grapes Undefined [1][2]

Tropical Biome Crops[ | ]

Name Type Ref
Algae Undefined [6]
Cranberries Undefined [6]
Macrophytes Undefined [6]
Rice Undefined [6][5][3]
Roots Undefined [6]
Taro Undefined [6]

Undefined Biome Crops[ | ]

Name Type Ref
Barley Grain [7]
Potatoes Tuber [5][3]
Carrots Tuber [5][3]
Corn Undefined [5]
Cotton Fiber [8]
Papyrus Fiber [9]
Low Land Rice Undefined [9]
Red Grape Vine Undefined [1]
Lotus Flower [9]
Starberry Undefined [1]
Nightsight Flower Flower [10]
Cardinal Poppy Flower [1]
Arctic Poppy Herb [11]
Psilocybin Mushroom Fungus [12]
Hedera (Ivy) Woody Plants [10]
Ghost Ivy Woody Plants [10]

Fruit Trees[ | ]

Chronicles of elyria pre-alpha apple-tree 01

Pre-Alpha Asset: Fruiting Apple Tree [3]


Pre-Alpha Flora - Cacao Tree

Mild Fruit Trees[ | ]
Name Type Ref
Apple tree Fruit Tree [1][3]
Whitehart cherry tree Fruit Tree [1]
Plum tree Fruit Tree [1]
Pear tree Fruit Tree [1]
Temperate Fruit Trees[ | ]
Name Type Ref
Apple tree Fruit Tree [1][5]
Pear tree Fruit Tree [1]
Peach tree Fruit Tree [1]
Arid Fruit Trees[ | ]
Name Type Ref
Pomegranate tree Fruit Tree [1]
Apricot tree Fruit Tree [1]
Almond tree Fruit Tree [1]
Tropical Fruit Trees[ | ]
Name Type Ref
Durian tree Fruit Tree [1]
Date palm tree Fruit Tree [1]
Orange tree Fruit Tree [1]
Breadfruit tree Fruit Tree [1]
Cacao Tree Fruit Tree [13]

Undefined Biome Trees[ | ]

Name Type Ref
Angelica's Tears Tree [14]

Media[ | ]

References[ | ]