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Q. How does technology work in COE?[ | ]

Technology in COE is starting around the bronze age. At the outset you will likely not have access to full plate and high quality armor. But this will likely be available in short order through crafters, miners and explorers finding the right resources and relevant research.

Q. How does research work?[ | ]

Research is based on expending resources (non-refundable) towards a specific research prompt for an item. It might be blood grooves on swords, or a superior tanning technique for leather. Specifics are not yet known.

Groups of players can contribute towards research via guilds or schools.

Q. What is a guild?[ | ]

A guild is a gathering of players that contribute towards research of a certain aspect of technology as a whole. Their combined efforts will yield faster results, as well as a joint (and initially private) rights to the technology researched within the primary kingdom of the guild.

Q. What is a school?[ | ]

A school is similar to a guild, however any research completed by a school will be made public to all that are registered in the school.

Q. How long does a patent last?[ | ]

Patents were removed from CoE. As mentioned in Discord #coe-common-room on 10 DEC 16, this allows any individual to acquire the same results through independent research.

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