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Q. Is there PvP?[ | ]

Yeah. Lots. Everywhere. Kingdoms go to war, assassins wage their silent battles in the night, highwaymen lay wait in ambush on the unsuspecting passer-by. PvP is not just combat in CoE though. PvP includes political, economic, etc. However, except in times of war and dueling, combat PvP is illegal, and the penalty is stiff. While combat PvP is possible everywhere, it doesn't necessarily mean it will happen in more civilized areas.

Q. Griefers. Tell me you've at least eliminated the griefers![ | ]

Actually, more or less. Griefing, according to the fairly narrow definition by Soulbound Studios, isn't supported and will be punished using both in-game and out-of-game means. In order to modify behavior using punishment, the person being punished must feel the result of the punishment as swiftly after the action as possible, they must be certain the punishment will come, and the punishment itself must be severe. This is incorporated it into the design.[1]
Systems are built into the game to allow players, working together using the justice and legal system, to thwart behaviors most people would consider griefing. Banks can be broken into. It's not any easier than breaking into banks on Earth, but it's do-able. If people don't like the idea of a bank possibly being broken into, they should protect the bank, or don't keep their stuff in a single building with a bank sign on it. There is no place in the game where stuff is 100% safe. Players can create safer environments using various features available in-game, but the game doesn't do it for them.[1]
In Chronicles of Elyria, crimes such as attacking other characters is punishable by time in prison. The more time someone spends in prison, the shorter their playable lifespan, the more their skills atrophy, and the less powerful they will ultimately become. This counters much of the incentive around griefing.
(HOLD: It has not been confirmed whether players will physically go to prison or just lose lifespan and skill points.)

Q. What about gold farming?[ | ]

We recognize that not all players can (or want to) spend the same amount of time per week farming gold for that special armor. To attempt to correct this imbalance, the OPC system has been created. Also, there are no 'spawn points' like in other games. Things like mining, are finite resources, once the ore has been mined, it will no longer be available in that location. Also, there is a birth system, so monsters do not spawn in a given location either.

Q. Will there be cannibalism in Elyria?[ | ]


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