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Q. How large is the world?[ | ]

We don't know the final size of the playable world, only the size of the starting continent.

  • See a Sample Map of the world including the 'starter' continent.

The starting continent size for NA and EU servers is approximately 96km x 192km.

  • It is estimated that it will take 48-hours of non-stop walking (at 1.5m/s) to walk one edge to the other, if the world is flat with no obstructions.
  • Add in the mechanics required for resting, changes in the terrain (forests, rivers, mountains), etc., and this estimate will increase.

The starting continent size for the OCE server is approximately 96km x 144km.

Q. How many people can the world support[ | ]

Every server will have a minimum combined Player-Character (PC) and Non-Player-Character (NPC) population of approximately 100k.

This number could change during development.[1]

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