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This game is currently in development. There is no download or playable content. All information is based Developer Journals, the Kickstarter, and community discussions with developers.


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Q. What is Total Influence?[ | ]

Total Influence is an indication of your influence in helping to make CoE successful.[1] Effectively, it is a permanent measure of all earned influence and never decreases.

Total Influence is equal to ($$ spent + store credit earned) x 10.

Q. What are Exposition Points?[ | ]

Exposition Points (EP), previously known as Bonus IP[2], is this game's pre-launch currency that comes with Package Tiers and can be purchased in the store (under Merchandise). It can be used to buy items, equipment, and even structures and buildings to populate the world with during Exposition.

  • Backer levels >= $120 give you EP.
  • You may also purchase add-on packages of EP via the store.

Spending your EP will not reduce your Total Influence.

Q. Where can I see how many Exposition Points I have?[ | ]

Your total Exposition Points are listed below your name (top right of header) in the online store.

Q. What is Store Credit?[ | ]

Store Credit is earned by being influential; for instance, inviting friends, creating content such as blogs, and more. Store Credit is just as good as cash, and players may redeem it for items inside the store.[3]

Store Credit may be earned by:

  • Inviting other paying/contributing members to the community
    • You get $5 store credit for each person who uses your referral code and either purchases the game or earns 400 influence through community activities.[4]
  • Providing valuable information on the community forums or Wiki
  • Asking intelligent questions in Live Chat
  • Posting website, chat server, or game bugs
  • Creating new journalistic content via blogs, YouTube videos, etc...
  • Providing valuable feedback on design choices which alters the course
  • Creating valuable game content via the content tools
  • Providing impressive fan art or fan fiction

Q. Where is my Store Credit from my referral code?[ | ]

Store credits earned from referrals are listed on the Influence tab of your official web site profile.

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