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Q. I read somewhere you start as part of a family?[ | ]

Yep! As part of character creation you pick a family. This impacts everything from where you start, to which possible skill bonuses you begin with, to what physical attributes such as hair color you can select.[1]

Q. What game mechanics are tied to families?[1][ | ]

  • Family members on the same continent can send private messages to one another.
  • Members can always sense that a family member has been slain and is Spirit Walking.
  • Members can find their way to a family members' body
  • Family members help increase each other life span by creating a reason to live
  • Line of succession as well as items naturally pass on to heirs when someone passes away.
  • Family members automatically get keys to shared household resources and can access and process the land without breaking laws.
  • Family members can always see through disguises.
  • Family impacts fame, which effects how much spirit you lose when Spirit Walking.

Q. Does it have to be a player-run family?[ | ]

No. You can select NPC parents as well[1], but they tend to be less talkative in Family Chat.

Q. What if I don't want to be constrained by family genetics?[ | ]

You can opt to start as a Ward of the State[1]. You get more flexibility in character creation, but lose most of the starting benefits of a family.

Q. How I do I make sure my friends start in the same area as me?[ | ]

As part of character creation they will have an opportunity to pick a family that is close in proximity to yours.

Q. Will our characters be pregnant?[ | ]

Pregnancy is not going to be visible in-game. You will choose to have a baby with a PC or via surrogacy (contract with NPC). There is a four day (real time) wait limiting how soon you can sire a new child[2]. The child will appear in the world around the age of 8 and start growing / maturing from there.

There is no chance of miscarriage or losing a child as the resources required to be spent in order to have a child are going to be significant a cost in itself. Additionally the mechanic of losing a baby cannot be envisaged as a fun system in any way you look at it.

Q. Are same sex marriages supported?[ | ]

Yes.[3] Marriages in CoE are contract-based so they can be between any two players regardless of their sex/gender.

Q. Can same-sex marriages still have children?[ | ]

Yes.[3] Just as marriage is contract-based, you can also create contracts for having children, particularly for picking heirs. The couple can use an NPC surrogate via contract.[3]

Q. Are there guilds?[ | ]

Absolutely! With a metric ton of new features I'd say we're really the first MMO to support guilds, there will be a Design Journal on this coming out in December in depth.

Q. What if I want to bring my guild with me to Chronicles of Elyria?[ | ]

Great! We'll be providing codes which will allow you to bring your entire guild into your family or guild so you can get a jump on building a powerful dynasty or enterprise.

Q. How do I make sure my friends start on the same server?[4][ | ]

If you share your child’s code with a friend, then after the child reaches age 15 they’ll be able to join your family as your child. This system also breaks an important barrier to entry on a server. Players can always join your server as your child if you share your child code with them, even if the server is closed for new players.

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