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Q. What engine/technology will you use?[ | ]

CoE will be using the Unreal Engine 4 and SpatialOS. See Engines for more information

Q. What is the Soulborn Engine?[ | ]

When you think of a typical "game engine" you think of the set of libraries used to perform model/terrain/water/particle rendering, camera movement, animation, physics, user input, and sound. These are all, in general, things that the user experiences directly on the client-side and defines the look and feel of a game. For these things we're using the Unreal Engine.

In contrast, there are a set of services/libraries running on the back-end that drive the soulpool, the dynamic story engine, etc... These services are scanning for and initiating dramatic situations and controlling the hierarchical, goal-based AI of the NPCs. These services also define the rules/mechanics which make Chronicles of Elyria different from other games that use the Unreal Engine. This collection of server-side logic and services is the Soulborn Engine.

In short, its the feature that will set Chronicles of Elyria apart from other games by having an entire engine dedicated only to story and NPC control.

Q. What platforms will it be released on?[ | ]

There is nothing preventing S.B.S. from going and rolling out any platform even console base ones, simply because all the technology they are using is cross-platform (Unreal Engine). However there focus is first and foremost on getting the PC version done.[1]

Q. What sort of PC is required to play Chronicles of Elyria?[ | ]

Specific specs are not as yet known. However, it has been stated that if you can play ARK: Survival Evolved now, you are going to be safe to play Chronicles of Elyria, as they use the same game engine (Unreal Engine).[2]

  • Minimum Requirements (Estimated) :
  • Windows 7
  • 1GB VRAM and DirectX 11 support
  • 4GB RAM
  • 2GHz Dual Core 64bit CPU

Q. How many servers will there be?[ | ]

We haven't yet made any kind of announcement regarding Google Cloud vs. AWS. However, given the news with Improbable, one could make assumptions.

~ Caspian in CoE Discord

Stamp - in:#coe-common-room from: Caspian#3850 AWS

"As a first step in building this ecosystem, we are partnering with Google to create an innovation subsidy program, the SpatialOS Games Innovation Program. This will enable games studios to build, deploy and test games on SpatialOS up to the point of commercial release with significantly reduced, and in many cases completely eliminated, SpatialOS usage costs, including cloud computing fees. We hope this promotes experimentation, much earlier user testing, iteration of games, and an explosion of new ideas."

~ Improbable

Q. Do you plan to have regional/international servers?[ | ]

Yes. We do plan to have regional servers.

Q. Is Chronicles of Elyria localized in any countries?[ | ]

There are no announced plans for localization as yet.

References[ | ]

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