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This game is currently in development. There is no download or playable content. All information is based Developer Journals, the Kickstarter, and community discussions with developers.


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Q. What does end-game content look like?[ | ]

There isn't any. No, seriously. This game is about being a part of an epic, ongoing story-line. Fill your characters' days adventuring, siegeing, farming, running a town, county, or kingdom. Spend time increasing your family's holdings and building your Noble House. And then, in your characters' final days, let them sleep the final sleep, while your soul grows young again and re-born into another character to make their own mark.

Q. Is there raiding?[ | ]

No.. and yes. There are no static raid dungeons. However, world events will frequently cause big, bad, nasties that need to be dealt with to roam free or take shelter in an abandoned ruin. These powerful enemies may even be other players who have gained lots of power. Also, as players amass a large amount of wealth and hide it in their castles other, less savoury players may choose to break in and steal it. Finally, kingdoms will often go to war and siege each others' castles. All of these can and will require a varying number of players to be successful.

Q. How big is the world?[ | ]

Really, really big. It has been estimated that it will take you 48 real-life hours of walking non-stop in a straight line to reach one side to go from one side of the starting continent to another not taking into account mountains, rivers etc. But there will be more than 1 continent per server.

Forum Post: Size of Elyria

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