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Q. Wait, players age and die?! Really?![ | ]

Yep. When we thought long and hard about what we wanted to achieve with this game - dramatic story telling, rich, evolving history, a balanced skill based system, etc... it became clear to us that the only way to achieve that was if characters were constantly cycling. But don't worry, we're spending a lot of time thinking about how we can make the process of death, and birth an enjoyable and interesting part of the game.

Q. So, there's dying, and then there's DYING?[ | ]

Correct. During normal play you can get knocked out or receive a fatal wound in which your soul temporarily leaves your body. Neither of those are permadeath. But each time your soul leaves your body your soul's connection to Elyria gets weaker, shortening your total life span. When you reach your maximum age, your soul will leave your body and not be able to make its way back. That's DYING.

Q. Do I lose experience if my soul becomes separated?[ | ]

There's no experience in Chronicles of Elyria. However, you may experience some skill atrophy if you're dead for long. And also, the process of being ripped from the physical world takes a toll on the soul. Each time you die, it will reduce your available life span.

Q. So I lose everything once I'm really dead?[ | ]

No, all of your worldly possessions and titles can be passed on to an heir and your next character, provided you choose a family member. That character, while starting over skill-wise, will gain access to your soul's Skill ramps.

Q. I have so many more questions[ | ]

Read up on Death a bit more here on the Wiki If you are still stuck after that, throw a question on the discussion page of wherever you're reading. We'll update things where we can!

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