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This game is currently in development. There is no download or playable content. All information is based Developer Journals, the Kickstarter, and community discussions with developers.


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Q. When will the game be finished?[ | ]

The game is targeted for release in Semester 2 2019.

Q. Will there be a beta? How do I sign up?[ | ]

There will be two alphas, two betas, and an Exposition period. Players gain access to these by pledging at specified tiers during the Kickstarter or via the online store. Others may be invited based on contributions to the community (Influence).

Current estimates (subject to change)[1]:

  • Alpha 1 - T1 2018
  • Alpha 2 - T3 2018
  • Beta 1 - S1 2019
  • Beta 2 - S1/S2 2019
  • Exposition - S1 2019
  • Launch - S2 2019

Q. What's the business model?[ | ]

Chronicles of Elyria uses a unique business model that harkens back to the days of coin-op arcade machines. Rather than charge people a regular monthly subscription, we instead charge people on a 'per life' basis. In CoE, a Spark of Life allows a character to live approximately one real-world year before it dies of old age. As a result, people will typically buy a life once per year.

Q. How much does the game cost? How much does a life cost?[ | ]

COE will not have a standard subscription fee. Costs are estimated around $30 USD per Spark of Life (and optionally only a few $ per Soul), every 10-14 months (depending on your character's life span).

  • Purchase of the game will provide players with an initial Spark of Life, which allows you to choose a Soul for your character in Elyria.
  • As you play, this character will age and eventually die. To continue playing, you will need to purchase a new Spark to incarnate your soul into an NPC (perhaps even your own heir).
  • You may choose to spend money for additional options when selecting your Soul, such as an improved chance at aged souls or other skill ramps.

Q. Why not just charge a subscription?[ | ]

Charging people 'per life' isn't just a revenue model for us. It also ties in closely with one of our core design principles. We believe heroes should be truly heroic and villains should risk real consequences for their actions. As a result, risky, adventurous, or illicit behavior often shortens your overall lifespan if unsuccessful. By tying the cost of the game to a player's lifespan we force them to make meaningful choices about their in-game behavior. Every choice you make or action that you take will have a consequence that has a meaningful effect upon the player.

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