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Overview[ | ]

Exposition Points (EP), formerly known as Bonus IP[1], are a virtual currency that is available between now and launch that allows people who have a Bloodline Package and above the ability to customize their Pledge Package to some degree. This can be witnessed in the awarding of EP that comes with each package above Bloodline. Let me emphasize again, EP items will not be available after launch, as the Bloodline+ packages will no longer be available.[2]

Acquiring EP[ | ]

EP can be acquired two ways:

  • Purchasing a backer level bloodline or greater will come with a set amount of EP.
  • Purchasing an EP add-on.
KS Tier EP Total
Bloodline 100 100
Merchant 125 225
Ursaphant Rider 175 400
Baron/Baroness 225 625
Astronomer 315 940
Count/Countess 450 1390
Artisan 675 2065
Brew Master 925 2990
Weapon Master 1400 4390
Celebrity 1900 6290
Artificer 2400 8690
Duke/Duchess 3400 12090
Chimera...or Karate 4900 16990
King/Queen 10000 26990
KS Add-ons EP
$10 100
$25 275
$35 400
$50 600
$75 925
$100 1250

Spending EP[ | ]

Directly prior to and during Exposition, players will be able to spend their EP for various in-game items or features.

Kits[ | ]

Kits are prepackaged sets of EP items appropriate for specific pledge packages, to help players build out their areas quickly. They provide a 20% discount on the cost of buying their items individually.[2]

  • These kits are limited to one per type, per account.
  • Kits have a prerequisite requirement. Any player meeting that requirement (or higher) may purchase that kit.
  • Items in kits are standard or common quality.
  • All items in kits are also available a la carte (see below) at full EP cost, without any prerequisite.
Type Cost (EP) Prerequisite Description
Profession Kit 100 Exposition Profession kits provide the starting equipment, tools, and patterns or techniques necessary to begin an occupation as a crafter, gatherer, explorer, or champion. Individual items value at 20-40 EP.

Profession kits will be available for the following professions:

Explorer, Herbalist, Hunter, Miner, Lumberjack, Papermaker, Farmer, Prospector, Merchant, Blacksmith, Tailor, Leatherworker, Cartographer, Scribe, Mason, Tinkerer, Carpenter, Artist, Cook, Alchemist, Candlemaker, Glass Blower, and Fletcher.

Storefront Kit 125 Exposition Storefront Kits provide the fixed location assets necessary to set up a shop, storefront, or other establishment on leased land. They'll typically include blueprints and resources for a small building, crafting stations or other furniture, and additional decor to help give the location a welcoming feel (ex. forges & anvil, bar & tables, loom & spinning wheel, display cases and racks). Individual items value at 25-50 EP.
Land-use Kit 175 Exposition Land-use Kits help to further establish your profession by providing a parcel of land on a non-coveted parcel in which to build your commercial or residential building, or to use the land for agricultural purposes such as farming, horticulture, breeding, or pet-rearing (ex. stables, stalls, fields, bee hives, plant boxes, seeds, saplings). Individual items range from 10-100 EP.
Settlement Kit 625 Mayor/Baron Title Settlement Kits help customize a settlement. They'll typically include a set of pre-made, pre-furnished buildings and a small amount of infrastructure to create the desired type of settlement. This could be a mercantile settlement, one focused on harvesting of resources or agriculture, or the production of goods and items (ex. trade hub, mining town, sea port, farm belt). Individual items range from 100 EP to 250 EP.
Defense Kit 325 Mayor/Baron Title Defense Kits add a small number of defenses to a settlement in the form of a large amount of fencing and a couple of lookout towers. These are sufficient for basic defense of inner settlements, but not for Baronies. Fencing is generally around 10 EP for 32m of fencing, plus 25-50 EP for the lookout towers.
Infrastructure Kit 1,250 Count/Countess Title Infrastructure Kits help Counts/Countesses capitalize on the resources of their county (natural and otherwise) and ease the distribution of those resources. They include a set amount of road, plus items like mining equipment and rigs, waterwheels, etc. Infrastructure kits are fairly biome specific, but then further focus on one of the organic or inorganic resources prevalent in the county (ex. Mining infrastructure, lumber infrastructure, farming infrastructure).
Religion Kit 5,000 Duke/Duchess Title Religion Kits contains a collection of religious buildings, shrines, and decor to distribute throughout the Kingdom, to increase the overall presence of a specific religion. Each religion in Elyria has their own deities, or lack thereof, with their own rituals, ceremonies, shrines, places of worship, and religious symbols. Individual items range in value from 10 EP for religious items, all the way up to over 1,000 EP for a large cathedral.
Technology Kit 5,000 Duke/Duchess Title Technology Kits offer the additional of universities and schools to help foster learning in specific areas or biomes, as well as the introduction of specific technologies into the kingdom which may help solve problems in new ways. Technology kits will include the buildings for schools, as well as the patterns and techniques for advanced technology. Individual EP ranges from several hundreds to a thousand for the colleges and universities, to 100+ EP for the patterns and techniques, depending on level of advancement.
Culture Kit 5,000 Duke/Duchess Title Culture Kits allow Kings/Queens to develop the cultural focus for their kingdom, for example focusing on military training, performance and the arts, food production, etc. As with infrastructure kits, culture kits are biome specific and help to focus the culture of a region through the placement of additional buildings and structures.

Dukes/Duchesses who want to focus the culture of their duchy on something other than, or in addition to, the overall culture of the kingdom, may also purchase these kits.

Military Kit 10,000 Duke/Duchess Title Military Kits include defensive structures such as ramparts and castles, as well as siege equipment such as trebuchet, catapults, etc. Individual items range from several hundred to several thousand EP.

A la carte items[ | ]

All EP items are available a la carte.[2]

  • The prices below are provided to help players gauge the relative value of their EP and its buying power, but are not final at this time.
  • As noted, kits provide a 20% discount on the items they contain. If a kit meets your needs, it's always better to buy the kit than the individual items.

Item Categories[ | ]

The table below gives examples of the various categories of items that will be in the EP store for purchase.

  • Individual items within a category may vary in cost.
  • All values are the common rarity / standard quality costs. See below for more on quality and rarity.

Please note that the Cost of EP-related items are subject to change, and the below are estimates provided:

Category Cost
Resource Stockpile < 10 EP for a stack
Crafting Materials < 25 EP for a stack
Contracts < 25 EP for a stack
Patterns & Techniques < 50 EP
Blueprints < 100 EP
Tools < 10 EP per tool
Containers < 25 EP
Crafting Stations < 50 EP
Equipment (clothing, armor, weapons) < 75 EP per item
Store Inventory 100 EP+ for a few random common items
Decor & Lighting < 25 EP per item
Furniture < 50 EP for a set
Livestock / Bee hives < 50 EP for a small stock
Pets < 50 EP for a single trained pet
Mounts < 100 EP for a single mount
Transportation < 100 EP
Caravan Wagon < 200 EP
Siege Equipment < 250 EP
Crops < 100 EP for a field
Plants & Trees < 150 EP for a set of saplings
Land 100 EP+
Furnished buildings 200 EP+
Fences & Walls 10 EP / 32m
Roads 25 EP / 32m
Schools & Academies 750 EP+
Cathedrals & Shrines 1000 EP+

Item Rarity and Quality[ | ]

Most categories will have items that increase in rarity or quality (based on type), for higher cost.[3]

As rarity or quality increases, availability becomes more limited.

  • Quantity indicates how many of this level of item will be available for purchase.
  • Availability indicates how long/frequently it will be available for purchase.
Quality Rarity Cost Quantity Availability
Standard Common x1 No limit Always
Artisan Uncommon x2 One per paid account Always
Peerless ("heirlooms") Limited x5 One per paid account Intermittently
Legendary ("artifacts") Rare x20 Limited quantity More than once
Mystical ("relics") Unique x100 One or two Once

From this it's clear that there are some items which, while not necessarily increasing in rarity, might still increase in quality. A good example would be a wall. A wall doesn't necessarily become common vs. uncommon, however it might be standard, artisan, or peerless. And as I mentioned before, not everything in the store will go all the way up to Unique/Mystical. Walls for example, may only go up to Peerless. Though, a legendary wall could still be pretty cool.
~ Caspian

For more information, see Items.

References[ | ]