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This game is currently in development. There is no download or playable content. All information is based Developer Journals, the Kickstarter, and community discussions with developers.


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Before Mann was again inclined to travel beyond the boundaries of their home biome, there were tales and songs of immense trees that grew so tall they touched the clouds. Trees with bark so thick that it couldn’t be cut or burned. So preposterous was the concept that they were just Myth. When early nomads first came to this area and saw the great ironwood forest they named it the Myth Arbor. Over the many years since, it has become one word and the name of our Dutree. The first settlers to arrive by sea often mispronounced it Myth-Harbor. Either way that it is spoken, all will agree that it is a mystical place, like the trees themselves seem to invigorate the body and mind. The arts, chemistry, technology, philosophy, musings on the stars, all flourish within the land of Mytharbor. Some say it’s the people and universities there, but legend hints that it’s the forest itself that inspires their finer works.

Mytharbor Crest
Ruling Kingdom
Capital City
Port Royale
Vig Barbarosa
Official number of members
Main language

Counties[ | ]

Name Count/Countess
Port Royale County Duke Vig Barbarosa
  • Suntree of Faefoth
  • Count Jho'hon Conklin / Countess Conklin
    Zenmori Abae Inkcharm
    Kargamum Sguj Tzaj
    Sagehaven Quintero
    Old Quintero Grove
    Fostera Dandy Lion
    Whiteraven Lews
    Mayoke Ray Peke
    Faefox Forest Kyxune
    Waterdale Zashier
    Haeverson Bludraven
    Sanctuaire Carolus Bleu
    Blackthorn Vale Cleome
    Usijali Jesse

    Duchy-wide Organizations[ | ]

    Name Nature / Focus
  • The Progenium
  • Faedin Scientists and Engineers
    Royale Alesian Trading Company *RATCo* Shipbuilding
    Universities at the Talqamar Research and Knowledge

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