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Disguises are outfits that conceal a character's identity and tie their actions to either another person or a forged identity. The creation of a disguise is done through a skill within the Guile skill tree.

Making a Disguise[ | ]


Naomi Jade Disguises

There are two ways to create a disguise: making one from scratch, or using a model.

Making one from scratch means wearing a wig, contacts, clothing etc. After compiling a chosen disguise it then must be bound to a disguise kit.

Basing a disguise on a model is more difficult. It involves a detailed study of model as well as a wearable item from them, willing or not. This method allows the user to closely resemble the model and potentially allow nefarious deeds done under their name, if coupled with the use of a highly leveled forgery skill.

The higher a player's skill is, the more items they will be able to equip to said disguise kit.

Initially, you may only be able to put in a wig, then maybe contacts, but eventually, you can mask almost all of your recognizable features."[1]
~ Caspian

Seeing Through Disguises[ | ]

Disguises can be seen through by family members of both parties involved, by the model of said disguise and by people who know the model well. The chances of a disguise failing against a given player increases the more times they are encountered.[1]

Supporting mechanics[ | ]

CoE has a strict separation of in- and out-of-character chat channels. This supports the disguise system as it enables situations where players are chatting out-of-character while one of their characters standing next to the other in-game, without the other realizing this.[2]

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