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Dhampyr are a confirmed entity in Chronicles of Elyria, however they will not be an early game option.

The creation of a Dhampyr, as it is in lore, is the mixing of a Vampire and Human to create a hybrid offspring.

Aspects of a Dhampyr[ | ]

Strengths of a Vampire, none of its weaknesses. In game terms Dhampyr will have increased attributes without degradation that comes with aging, so they will maintain high levels of strength while having strong mental capabilities and likely elevated social skills as well.

Unlike a Vampire, a Dhampyr has a soul. This means your character can learn and retain skills learned during its unnatural life (if lasting and not killed early). Dhampyrs are not immortal but they also do live longer (age slower), can go in the sun and will have a higher chance of having a talent.

Dhampyrs do not feed on or consume souls like Vampires do, and are, for all intents an purposes, a regular character, just with higher attributes than an average player has.

External Reading[ | ]

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Reference[ | ]

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