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Daemon is the Qin of fire, son of Luna and Sanguinis, according to the Qindred. It is believed that he died in the first Godswar, creating The Burning.[1] He is said to have been the first Qin to die.[citation needed]

Daemon had two sons, the first was Erathor Qin of the Desert, and Aiden Qin of War.[2]

In Elyria, descendants of Daemon are referred to as daemons, and while nobody in living memory has ever seen a daemon, they’re often depicted in artwork.[1]

Daemon's Wife and the Ring of Erathor[ | ]

Ref.[1] "Daemon, though unable to create life himself, asked his cousin Terra, Qin of Land, to create a wife for him. She agreed, so from Terra Selene was created. Selene was regarded as one of the most beautiful of all of the Qin. Daemon loved her and cared for her."

"As he was a being of Fire, and her of the Land, he could never get near her without scorching her. So he set to work creating a relic, a wedding ring, that she could wear which would protect her from his swelter. Unfortunately, being a Qin of Fire, he lacked the ability to create such an item. Instead, he created a ring which grants the wearer immunity to all physical harm... aside from Fire."

Daemon and Selene's Child[1][ | ]

DaemonAtForge 1900px

Daemon at the Forge in Karcion

Ref.[1] "It says that while his presence was pain for Selene, she loved him dearly and refused to stay away from him. She went to him one night, and in spite of the heat and pain, created a child with him.

When Daemon realized what the effects of their night together had done to her, he was mortified. His once beautiful Selene was covered in burns and blisters. Ashamed, he sent his wife away, exiled from Karcion

It was there, in the Western region of Karcion that Selene, Qin of Solitude, gave birth to her only son. And when he was born, the loneliness of his mother and the heat of his father combined and were released into the world. At the spot where he was born the land became hot, dry, and devoid of life. When he was old enough to wear his father's ring, Selene gave it to him for safekeeping.

And thus, the Ring of Erathor, son of Daemon, and Qin of the Desert became legend."

Daemon's Death[ | ]

When Daemon was destroyed, his element of fire started to run wild across Elyria creating The Burning. The fire was starting to destroy Elyria and no one knew what to do about it.[3] The Burning is believed to have led to the inevitable second Godswar.[1]

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