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A city is a township in Elyria with a minimum of 49 parcels of land, 150 people, and a courthouse.[1]

Becoming a City[ | ]

Towns become cities after satisfying the requirements of having 49 parcels of land, 150 people, and a courthouse.[1]

City Government[ | ]

The leader is a Magistrate. It is the same person who was Mayor before the town became a city. This will typically be the player with the most land but it is not a requirement.[1] The City Council remains the same.

As a Magistrate of a city it becomes possible to customize the local laws using the desk at the Courthouse. As with the lower-level tiers, aside from defining some laws for your city, using the City Planning Table to identify where buildings should go, viewing the resource tables to ensure you’re getting the right resources into the town, and collecting taxes, you can otherwise play the game as you normally would."[1]

Becoming a Capital[ | ]

A city will become a capital when it has at least 81 parcels of land, 250 people, and a monument.[1]

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